Getting Started Netfile


OIT has an active project to replace NetFile web publishing with a new service. Learn more at

At this time, all Notre Dame accounts have a NetFile storage space that includes a “www” folder. Anything placed in this folder will be published on the web.

NEVER place sensitive information (such as social security numbers, credit card data, FERPA protected data, or HIPAA protected data) in your www folder.

NetFile is recommended only for advanced users who are comfortable with managing and editing HTML, CSS, or PHP code. If you prefer to work in a content management system you may wish to explore other web publishing options.

Uploading Files to NetFile

The most common way to publish your files to NetFile is with Secure FTP (SFTP). You can also connect directly to NetFile by mapping a local drive or folder to your local computer. Learn more about Publishing to NetFile

Controlling Access to Websites

Access to NetFile sites is managed using an .htaccess file and Kerberos authentication. This will allow you to require visitors to log in with their NetID and password before viewing content. Learn more about controlling access to Websites in NetFile

Getting Help with Web Services

The OIT works closely with the Office of Marketing Communications to provide a full suite of design, development, content, and strategic services. Learn more about support options for web services

Online Training for HTML, CSS, and PHP

The OIT does not offer training for HTML, CSS, or PHP but there are many excellent resources on the web.

Codecademy: HTML and CSS
Codecademy: PHP Web PHP

For more about online training courses and for licensing, please visit OIT Training.