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NOTE: Before changing any of your Contribute settings, please check with the Contribute Administrator for your website. Only the Contribute Administrator for your website assigns Contribute Keys, and those Keys will automatically set up the connection to the website.

  1. Open Contribute
  2. From the Edit menu, select My Connections
  3. Select your web site in the list, and then click New
  4. On the first dialog of the Connection Wizard, click Next
  5. Confirm that Connection Type is set to Website, and enter the Web address for the site location using correct NetID information. (e.g., on windows and on mac)


    SFTP Configuration 3 Contribute CS5



  6. Click Next to configure the following server settings:
  • Connection Type: Secure FTP (SFTP)
  • SFTP Server Name:
  • SFTP User Name: NetID (e.g., oithelp)
  • SFTP Password: NetID account password

    SFTP Configuration 2 Contribute CS5
  1. Click the Next to enter Remote Path information. Click Choose to locate and select the proper 'www' folder, or manually enter the path following the example below:

    The folder path to your web site will be in the following format
    /users/<first letter of NetID>/<NetID>/<preferred shared file space>/www/
    (e.g., /users/o/oithlep/NetFile/www)

    SFTP Configuration 1 Contribute CS5
  2. You will return to the Remote Path Information dialog. Click Next
  3. The Connection Wizard will prompt you for your full name and email address. This information will let others who are editing pages on the web site know who is editing a page and how to contact them. Click Next
  4. The Connection Wizard will then display a confirmation page showing your chosen configurations. Click Next, then Done. Exit all open windows to return to main Contribute page to use this new connection


Troubleshooting Connections

  • Verify the account credentials are correct by logging into or from a Web browser
  • Contact The OIT Help Desk at (574) 631-8111 or for further assistance


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