Features and Security

Features and Tools

What are the advantages to online file sharing and storage systems like Box?

Like similar cloud environments such as Google Docs, Box is a good resource for sharing files, authoring content, and encouraging collaboration. For end users, these types of systems:

  • Give users remote access to data and files from multiple devices, any time and from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Allow them to share large files easily
  • Provide content backup and recovery

For the university, they:

  • Allow us to better coordinate and enhance storage offerings
  • Decrease overall cost of storage, while providing the same types of services
  • Improve data back-up capabilities
  • Improve information security

What are the benefits of Box over other popular commercial services, like Dropbox?

Dropbox, another popular cloud-based storage system, and Box share some of the same functionality. However, Box is designed for enterprise-level solutions for large organizations while Dropbox is geared toward small business and consumer use. For example, Box offers features like content and task management, online workspace for collaboration, user and group permissions, admin account transfers, and a built-in editor.

High-level features, custom options for embedding files into a website, and administrative controls allow Box users to create and manage a complete workspace environment. Another key benefit of Box is its ability to integrate with other university systems.

All information you store in Box is encrypted and Notre Dame has administrative rights to help you manage your data. All data stored in Box is stored in data centers in the United States and your data is automatically backed up in multiple locations.

A matrix comparing the different storage and sharing services can be found at http://oithelp.nd.edu/shared-file-space/

Is Box compatible with file sharing services like SharePoint?

Box has varying levels of compatibility with other services.

Can I share files with people both inside and outside of the Notre Dame using Box?

Yes. If you wish to collaborate with someone, they will need a Box account, but you can share a link to a file allowing users to view it without having a Box account.

Will I be able to sync files between Box and my other devices?

Yes and no. Box can automatically sync to computers but not to mobile devices, although there are apps available to that allow you to view files using mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.  A complete list of devices and operating systems that can be synced can be found at community.box.com.

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Security and Accessibility

Are my files and data safe on Box?

Box adheres to the highest industry standards for security at every level and commits extensive resources to the design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of its security infrastructure, including:

  • Data encryption (in transit and at rest)
  • Administrative auditing
  • Password policy enforcement and AD/LDAP integration
  • Role-based access controls
  • Password- and time-based file sharing
  • Learn more on the Box security web page.

Can I use Box with sensitive data that is covered by laws such as HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, GLBP, and ePCI?

You may not store HIPAA or other Highly Sensitive data in Box, per the Data Handling Standard. Other types of non-public data should be handled with care, keeping in mind who you are sharing this data with.

What password will I use with Box?

You will use your Notre Dame NetID and password with Box.

While Box has a mobile site—m.box.com—it will not work with the Notre Dame login. It’s recommended that you download the Box app for your mobile device or platform so that your login will always be your NetID and password.

Some mobile and 3rd party applications will need different Box credentials that you can create from Your Name.

Are my files on Box backed-up?

Yes. If you accidentally delete a file, you have 90 days to recover it using the Box system.

Can I get to Box files from home or from my mobile device?

Yes. This is one of the strengths of Box. It allows you to access your files from many different types of locations and devices. Visit box.com for more details.

How long will my Box account be available to me?

Your account will be available to you as long as you are an employee or student at Notre Dame. If you leave Notre Dame, you will need to move your personal files to a personal Box service.

What happens to my files on Box when I leave Notre Dame?

When you voluntarily leave Notre Dame, you will have to move files/folders from your box account and change ownership of shared files/folders so that others using the data can continue to do so. You are responsible for removing any personal files you wish to keep. Your account and the files/folders in it will be removed as part of the de-provisioning process.

Access to the account is removed after 60 days for faculty and staff, and after 60 days for students.

If you leave the University involuntarily, you will need to submit a written request to General Counsel to obtain access to your account.

What happens to my files on Box if Notre Dame should decide to cancel its contract with Box?

You would be notified and informed of the process for transferring the files and folders you own to another system.

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