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How do I adjust what email Notifications I receive?

The default email notifications settings are: downloads, uploads, comments, and deletes for content in a folder that one owns.

To change the settings, click on the gear icon – next to one’s name; choose Account Settings, then click on the Notifications tab. Adjust the settings to one’s preferences.

How do I turn off automatic accepting of invitations to collaborate?

By default, a Box account is set to automatically accept any invitation to collaborate. This includes invitations to become an owner of a folder. 

To prevent collaboration invitations from being accepted automatically:

  1. Open Box and click the gear icon at the top of the page
  2. Select Account Settings from the drop down
  3. Click the Content & Sharing tab
  4. Find the Collaborating on Content section
  5. Uncheck the box Automatically accept incoming collaboration invitations

Can our department's group account (i.e. departmental account) get a Box account?

Sorry, the answer is no. Only individuals can opt-in and create a Box account. No exceptions are granted. For an alternative to a departmental account, see group accounts below.

How do I do an advanced or refined search in Box?

First, enter you search item. Box will search all your contents and return results. If you want to refine your search, see this link:


Note: for a quick search, type the search item, but do not hit the return or search button. The Box application will quickly show several docs that match that criteria.

Can I get a list of all collaborators for a folder?

The answer is yes and no. Yes if you want to see who all the collaborators for a folder are; click on the folder and see the names on the right.

The answer is no if you want to grab the entire list of collaborators and email them separately thru Outlook or create another folder and invite the same collaborators. There is no way to ‘grab’ the entire list of all email addresses from a collaborative folder.

What 3rd-party applications can I use with Box?

For a list of applications that have been enabled for the Notre Dame Box service, login at box.nd.edu, click on the apps icon (located near the Search Box), and search the various categories to see which applications have been enabled.

Note: Some apps have a cost associated with their use.

What happens to my data when I leave the University?

For students, please see this page.

For all others, currently, one has to download the data from Box to a personal device or space to retain your data. Following University policy, data will be removed once you no longer have the ability to login using your University NetID and password.

It is best practice to move content of a departmental nature where one is the owner of the content (i.e. folders) to another person within the department when one is leaving the university or moving to another area within the university. See How do I change folder ownership? for more information.

New File Preview

Box is rolling-out a new version of their Preview screen in April 2015. No action is required; the update is automatic. It will take several weeks before all users in the Notre Dame community are using the new Box Preview. The current Box Preview will continue to work until one is upgraded. Whether one is using the current or new Box Preview, there is no other impact to using the Notre Dame Box service. To view the new look-and-feel, please see this link
For help on using the new Box Preview, please see this link

The Box header looks different: what happened?

Beginning in early December, 2013, the Box header has been updated to allow for a better user experience. Click here to view documentation from Box on this feature.

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Group Accounts

What is a group account? How do I request one?

If your group or department needs to have shared file space within Box,  you can request to have a group account created.

Advantages to creating a Group Account

  • Content in the group account will never go away since there is no person who owns the content
  • You login and access the group account content (if granted access) using your Notre Dame NetID/pwd
  • Similar to an individual’s quota, the group account quota is unlimited
  • Two co-owners (or more) are granted access when the group account is created. These co-owners can then assign appropriate permissions to the content
  • By having at least 2 co-owners, it helps limit that the group account will become orphaned and have no current co-owners
  • Even if a group account has co-owners who are no longer with the department or university, the content is still accessible by all the current collaborators.
    • You would want to call the OIT Help Desk (631-8111) and request that another collaborator(s) become a co-owner when a current group account co-owner leaves your department or the university

Can I request a Box.nd.edu account for our departmental NetID?

Sorry, the answer is no. Only individuals can opt-in and create a Box account. No exceptions are granted. Please request a group account (see section above)  for having a shared file space with Box.nd.edu

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Getting Started with Box

How do I get my Box account?

Users can obtain a Box account at http://box.nd.edu. Once you log in, you will be directed to an opt-in page to create an account. There you will need to agree to the terms of service and follow proper computing guidelines as outlined in the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources.

Note: Only current faculty, staff, and students have access to Box. Non-ND accounts will need to obtain a free personal account through a separate email address if they wish to use this feature. These can be created at https://www.box.com/

Whom do I contact for help with Box?

Users can call the OIT Help Desk or access our online documentation/service. They can also go to Box's knowledge base or try their 24/7 hotline at 1-800-875-8230.

I already have a Box account. What will happen to that?

Nothing will happen to your current personal Box account. However, if you have a Box account based on an "@nd.edu" mail address, you can change the email associated with your current personal account and remove it from the @nd.edu domain. Those accounts that don’t respond or change their email will eventually be deactivated by Box. 

Is this the right service to use for my project?

Visit the Shared File Space page on the OIT website to see a comparison of services that will help you decide which storage solution best fits your needs.

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Moving from Dropbox to Box


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Account Creation Issues

How to resolve issues when enrolling in the Box service?

On occasion, a faculty/staff/student has an issue when creating his/her account at box.nd.edu. The error returned reads similar to: "Error! An error occurred during Box enrollment. Please try again later."

The error occurs because the customer has created a personal account at the commercial Box.com site and has used the email address of NetID@nd.edu. For the Box service as-a-whole, the email address is unique; therefore, if a Notre Dame person has already created this account at Box.com, that person will not be able to create that same account (NetID@nd.edu) username in the Notre Dame domain – box.nd.edu

An error will also occur if a person tries to add any of his/her alternate Notre Dame email addresses (ex: LastName.number@nd.edu) as an email alias to their Box.nd.edu account if that email address was used to create a personal account at the commercial Box.com site.

For either case, there are 2 ways to resolve this situation:

  1. The customer can go to Box.com and change his/her username

  2. The customer can go to Box.com and inactivate his/her account

Option 1: 

Note: You will keep your commercial Box account by choosing this option


  1. Your account name must be an email address that does not end in ‘@nd.edu’

  2. Login to your commercial/personal Box account (at Box.com)

  3. Click on the gear icon (upper-right corner of screen)

  4. Choose Account Settings

  5. On the Account tab, scroll to the Login and Email Address section

  6. Enter a new email address; an email will be sent to that address to verify its authenticity. Please verify the address entered

    Note: After verifying the email, do not continue on and login to Box.com since you are already logged-in; just close that browser tab

  7. Refresh the screen (hit the little refresh button near where the url is located)

  8. You should now see this new email address in the Login and Email Address section

  9. Hover over the address you just entered and click on Make Primary

  10. Follow the steps to make this the new primary address


    Note: Be sure to remove the ‘@nd.edu’ address once it becomes a secondary email address

  11. Once your username is changed, you can go to box.nd.edu and login to create a Box  account in the Notre Dame environment.

Option 2:


Note: Be aware - you will lose all content in your Box.com account by choosing this option

  1. Login to your commercial/personal Box account (at Box.com)

  2. Click on the gear icon (upper-right corner of screen)

  3. Choose Account Settings

  4. On the Account tab, scroll-down to the Account Information section

  5. Follow the process to delete or inactivate one’s account (either works)

  6. Once done, contact the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111 or oithelp@nd.edu and request that your NetID@nd.edu be removed from Box.com.

  7. The removal of the account from Box.com can take up to a day to fully process

    Note: Deleting the account does NOT remove the account from Box.com; only Box personnel can remove the actual account, hence the need to call the OIT Help Desk to request this be done.

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