Zoom Rooms


Zoom Rooms are a premium service offered through Zoom. Premium features are billed back to your department monthly.

Key Features

  • Scheduling a Zoom Room meeting is as easy as booking the room in Google Calendar
  • Starting meetings is easy - just a press of a button
  • Anyone can join Zoom Room meetings. You don’t need a Zoom account
  • You can display your tablet or smartphone in addition to your laptop
  • Supports HD video
  • Has all the great collaboration features of every Zoom meeting
    • Screen sharing
    • Virtual whiteboard
    • Recording locally and to the cloud

Zoom Rooms cost $500 annually, prorated to the calendar year.

If you already have conferencing equipment in your room, contact OIT Help Desk (oithelp@nd.edu) and ask for a consultation.

If you need conferencing equipment, you can request a consultation here: http://learningspaces.nd.edu/facilities-design/request-a-consultation/