Conferencing Best Practices

Conference in a Dedicated Room

The easiest way to video conference is to conduct your meeting in a room designed for conferencing. We have a variety of spaces around campus. Check with your department IT support for options available to you.

The OIT has a video conferencing room available during normal business hours on a first-come first-serve basis located at 121 ITC. Please contact the OIT Help Desk (, 631-8111) with the date, start time, duration, number of attendees and event description. We appreciate as much notice as you can provide.

Conference in your own space

We suggest the following best practices if you are conferencing in your own space

  • Have a strong internet connection
    • Use a wired connection, not wireless
    • You may need to disable wirless to make sure you are using your computer's wired connection
  • Test your setup before the meeting
    • Every computer or device has different settings. To make sure that everything works, run a test meeting. You can join a test meeting with Zoom here.
    • Suggest that other participants on the meeting also test their configuration ahead of the meeting.
  • Use a good microphone
    • On your laptop, use headphones like iPhone earbuds
    • If you are in a meeting room, use the room's conference phone and dial in
    • Do not have multiple dvices ina room connected to audio
  • Compose your video
    • Make sure your camera is right above or below the screen where you will look
    • Put a light behind your camera so that you are well lit
    • Avoid wearing stripes or shiny clothing or jewelry
    • Make sure the area behind you is free of distraction for other participants and is not a window
    • Remember that everyone can see you even when you are screen sharing
  • Manage guests
    • You can use the manage participants button to mute attendees with distracting audio
    • Suggest that other participants on the meeting also test their configuration ahead of the meeting

Borrow Equipment

Depending on your needs, you may want to borrow audio or video equipment for your conference. More information is available here.


If you would like a consultation, please contact the OIT Help Desk (, 631-8111)