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About Visual Voicemail

The Visual Voicemail application provides the following voice messaging capabilities:

  • Securely access a visual display of voice messages on your display screen, listed with sender name, date and message duration
  • Display urgent, unheard and heard icons for each voice message on the voice message list
  • Pause, rewind and forward a voice message from your phone display
  • Reply to a sender either by calling back or by sending a voicemail using softkeys on your phone display
  • Record and send voice messages from your phone display with urgent or normal priority markings

Configuring Visual Voicemail

Off-Campus access to the VoIP Phone or Voicemail Web Portals will require an ND VPN connection.

  • Log into
  • Click Phone Settings
  • Click Services
  • Click on the device you wish to add Visual Voicemail to (Usually shown as "Cisco 79XX Your Name"
  • Click + Add New Service
  • Choose Visual Voicemail
  • Name the service Visual Voicemail
  • Click Save


Your phone will briefly flash and register to receive this application. Once your phone returns to its normal state, you can access Visual Voicemail by following the steps for Using Visual Voicemail.


Using Visual Voicemail

  1. Press the Messages button on your desk phone
  2. Use the navigation buttons and softkeys to select Visual Voicemail from the list that appears
    The application initially may take a few moments to load
  3. Enter your Extension and Voicemail PIN when prompted
    Use your 5-digit Notre Dame phone extension with no dashes or spaces (e.g., 15600) and your voicemail PIN
  4. Press the Sign In softkey to login
  5. Use the navigation buttons and softkeys to select the messages you want to listen to, in the order you want to listen to them.

    Once you've highlighted the message you would like to work with, you can choose to Play or Delete the message using the softkeys. When playing a message, your softkeys will provide additional options for Rewind, Pause, Forward, etc. 
  6. When you are finished listening to voicemail:
  • Press the Messages button on the phone if you would like the option to listen to voicemail using either the standard call in option, or using Visual Voicemail
  • Press the Exit softkey if you want to always use Visual Voicemail to listen to messages in the future

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