Notre Dame's VoIP system allows for VoIP voicemail messages to be delivered to a VoIP user's Gmail inbox. Every new voicemail message will trigger a new email message to the Gmail inbox. The email message contains a .wav attachment that is compatible with virtually all desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Once enabled, you can listen to new voicemail messages no matter your location or device. This feature also makes it easy to share voicemails by forwarding messages to other email accounts. This is also referred to as Cisco Unified Messaging.

Request Voicemail-to-Email

To use this feature, you must request that the service be activated on your VoIP account at Notre Dame. The OIT Help Desk will configure the functionality after you have completed and submitted the VoIP Feature Request Form for Unified Messaging. The configuration process may take up to two business days for the OIT Help Desk to complete. The OIT Help Desk will notify you when Unified Messaging has been activated for your voicemail and Gmail inbox.

Request Voicemail-to-Email for your account

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