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How can I leave a message for someone without listening to the voicemail greeting?

You can bypass a voicemail greeting by pressing # once the greeting begins. Note that you will NOT hear a tone sound and recording begins immediately after pressing #.

How can I directly dial someone's voicemail without ringing the line?

You can directly dial someone’s voicemail to leave a message by dialing * (asterisk) followed by the 5-digit extension (e.g., * #-####).

How can I have my voicemail messages sent to my Gmail email? 

VoIP users can request Unified Messaging by completing the Unified Messaging Feature Request Form.

My phone beeps once, but does not ring.  How do I fix this?

Turn off Do Not Disturb.

How do I reset my Phone Pin?

To reset your phone services pin (not the voicemail pin):

  • Go to phone.nd.edu and log in
  • Select the General Settings tab
  • Enter a new Phone Pin and Confirm
  • Click Save


How do I reset my Voicemail Pin

  • Log into voicemail.nd.edu
  • Click Settings
  • Click Passwords
  • Click Change Pin
  • Enter a new pin and confirm
  • Click Save

How do I dial off campus?

To dial off campus, press 8 before dialing the 10-digit phone number.

How do I change the way my name appears on the display of users I call on campus?

To change the Caller ID and line labels on your phone, please contact the OIT Help Desk at (574) 631-8111 or send email to oithelp@nd.edu

Can I use one extension to manage multiple voicemail boxes on campus?

Yes. This feature is called Alternate Extension. Please contact the OIT Help Desk and they can configure this for your line. 

How do I check my missed calls?

Press the Directories button on your phone and then choose Missed Calls from the display options. 

How can I obtain a longer cord for my VoIP phone?

You can contact the OIT Help Desk by phone at (574) 631-8111 or send email to oithelp@nd.edu to request a 12-foot cord (approximately double the length of the cord that originally came with the phone). We will send you one in campus mail.

How do I 5-digit dial campus phone numbers?

You dial campus phone numbers the same way you did with your previous phone.

How do I request new phone lines and new phones?

New phones and lines can be ordered by your AIM department administrator via fixit.nd.edu

How do the VoIP phones physically connect?

The new phones connect through the network/data jack you use for your computer.

What is a soft phone and how does it work? Do I have to use it?

A soft phone is a software program you can run on your computer that acts just like a phone on your desk. You can make calls exactly as you would on your desk phone. All you need is a pair of speakers with a microphone that works with your computer, or a headset that connects to your computer. You are not required to use a soft phone.

What happens if there is an Internet or power outage?

The VoIP phone system is designed to provide reliable and robust service. While Internet outages do happen on rare occasions, you would still be able to make calls internally at Notre Dame if an Internet outage did occur. Power outages can also affect the VoIP phone system. The network in any building is designed to remain available for approximately 30 minutes following a power outage. If power is not restored within that time, then the VoIP phone service would be unavailable.

Which features can be managed from the Web page? Which features must we contact the OIT Help Desk to enable?

The majority of the features can be managed via the Web (e.g., voicemail greetings, call-routing, speed dials). There still will be some functions that the OIT Help Desk will need to configure for you (e.g., voicemail in your email, mobile device integration).

What are some of the additional features of VoIP?

You are able to do all of the following:

  • 6-way conference calling with on and off campus numbers

  • Color screen display

  • Real-time ND White Pages directory on the phone

  • Integration with your mobile device

  • Voicemail can be delivered to your email as a .WAV file attachment

  • Voicemail can be  online

  • CallerID with name display

  • Automatic Time and Date display (including DST)

Will headsets work with VoIP?

If it is a University-issued headset (procured from Communication Services), it is compatible with the new VoIP phone.

If I am moving offices, do I need to place an AIM work order to have my phone moved?

The VoIP phone will work in most locations across campus – all personal phone settings will stay intact regardless of where a phone is connected. To ensure 911 emergency services can respond correctly, an AIM work order should be placed for all phone moves.

What is the little video camera icon on my phone?

The icon indicates that your phone is capable of transmitted video if a compatible IP phone camera is connected to the phone. These cameras are not part of the initial rollout of VoIP.

How do I transfer a call directly to voicemail?

Press Transfer, dial *1-#### (asterisk, followed by the extension for the person), and then press Transfer again.

What is my authorization code to dial long distance or internationally?

It is the same authorization code it was previous to VoIP. It is NOT your voicemail or phone PIN.


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