Which kind of phone user are you?

Notre Dame provides voice services to our faculty and staff through voice-over-IP (VoIP). Explore the features below to learn more about how VoIP can meet your needs.

Which of these best describe you? It may be more than just one.

  Traditional Advanced Mobile Minimalist

The traditional use of a telephone - making and receiving calls, other common features such as speakerphone, voicemail, speed dial, etc.

Phone is a major part of the work day, often answering calls for many other staff or faculty, redirecting calls, transferring, forwarding, or sending them to voicemail.

Always connected and often outside the office or typical work day. May rely heavily on a cell phone, use a wide array of mobile-friendly features.

Prefers email or texting and avoids using phone where possible. More likely to try new technologies to improve productivity and efficiency.

Features to Explore

Customize your speed dial

Voicemail in your email

"Click to call" a phone number which is linked to a web page

Use a hands-free headset

Conference calls for up to six participants

Add a sidecar device to expand speed dial

Screen calls with "Do Not Disturb" and "iDivert"

Voicemail in your email

Forward your campus line to your mobile device

Display current availability based on your calendar

Use Jabber mobile app to take your campus line with you

Voicemail in your email

Screen calls with "Do Not Disturb" and "iDivert"

Collaborative chat with Slack or Cisco Spark

Standard Voice Calling
Easy Access Buttons Check Check    
Speaker Phone Check Check    
Personalized Speed Dial Check Check    
Hold, Transfer, Redial, Call Waiting Check Check    
Support for headset, speakerphone Check Check    
Self-care Web Portal Check Check    
Campus Group Calling
From Desk Phone (up to six) Check Check    
MeetMe (up to eight) Check Check    
Visual voicemail Check Check Check Check
Voicemail to email (ESNA License) Check Check Check Check
Voicemail web portal Check Check Check Check
Delegation of phone management   Check   Check
Call screening (DND, iDivert)   Check   Check
Call Transfer   Check   Check
Call pickup “group option” (Support Teams)   Check   Check
Control of a desk phone via Jabber   Check   Check
Directory access via Jabber   Check   Check
Mobile Support/Mobility Features
Call Forwarding     Check  
Call Forwarding/Call Pickup     Check  
Single number reach (ring all devices)     Check  
Find me/Follow me (ring on multiple devices)     Check  
Presence (live availability status)     Check  
Mobility (seamless transfer to/from mobile device)     Check  
Extension Mobility (moveable line-multiple locations)     Check  
Softphone-Cisco Jabber (mobile integration)     Check  
Soft Phone (Cisco Jabber)
Directory Access Check Check Check  
Web page “Click to call” Check Check Check  
Audio, Video, and Chat Check Check Check  
Collaborative Platforms
Gmail     Check Check
Zoom     Check Check
Google Hangouts     Check Check
Cisco Voice Conferencing     Check Check
Cisco Jabber     Check Check
Cisco Spark     Check Check



Note: You must be on campus or connected to the ND VPN to access phone.nd.edu or voicemail.nd.edu. Please visit vpnaccess.nd.edu to connect to the VPN.

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