Cost and Requirements

Getting Started

Parties interested in purchasing a digital sign should request an on-site survey be completed by the installation vendor (Vista).  The on-site survey representative from Vista will provide a completed diagram detailing where the hardware, power and networking installation will occur.  

To schedule the on-site survey, please email the digital signage team at  

Once the on-site survey has been completed, the following steps will be completed by the interested party: 

  1. Submit an AIM work order to have the power and networking components installed.  Information provided in the diagram from the on-site survey will detail where the the installation is to occur.  This information will need to be added to the work order request.  

  2. Go to BuyND to order the following component pieces listed under ​Favorites > Digital Signage. (Intel NUC, memory and hard drive - see image below)

    a.  When ordering, create a secondary delivery address of 370 ITC Attn: Communication Services.
    b.  Have the NUC, memory and hard drive delivered to the secondary delivery address. 

    BuyND Digital Signage Purchase Page Annotated


  3. Go to BuyND to order the NEC TV Display and Vista Work Order for installation of the hardware.  To order the NEC TV Display, complete a "non-catalog form" and copy/paste the item information from the quote that is received from Vista.

  4. Once the digital signage team has configured the device to be a content player, Vista will bring the device on-site to perform the installation of the display and NUC device.  Vista will also ensure the devices are properly connected to power and network.  

  5. Create content and enjoy. 

​​For questions relating to BuyND orders, please contact Procurement Services

The order and installation process may take up to 4-6 weeks to complete.  

Annual Fees

  • Annual Software Fee - approximately $200/year per display. 

One-Time Costs

Hardware Packages

The hardware packages listed in the tables below include the following items: 

  • NEC Display Unit
  • Wall Mount
  • UPS
  • Cabling
  • Intel NUC Computer Device
  • Display Installation
Non-Interactive Display Package Options Total Cost
24" Display $1348
32" Display $1650
42" Display $1886
46" Display $2206
55" Display $2841









Interactive Display Package Options Total Cost
46" Touch Screen Display $3566
65" Touch Screen Display $6370





The listed hardware packages are the most commonly ordered.  Please contact the digital signage team at for information about other options that are available.  

Installation of Electrical & Networking Components

  • Electrical -- Digital signs require a nearby power source for the display and the computer.
  • Networking -- A network jack will need to be present and active for each sign location to provide proper connectivity.

​Customers will want to complete an AIM work order to request installation of power, network jack(s) and network jack activation.  Submit an AIM work order 

ADA Code

All displays must be accessible by as many users as possible, regardless of impairment:
  • Users should keep static and interactive signs from protruding more than four inches from the wall.
  • Wall-mounted signs which protrude more than 4 inches from the wall must be installed with their lower edge 27 inches or less when measured from the floor.
  • Interactive signs should have all interactivity zones located between 24 and 48 inches off the floor.
  • When the time comes to develop what displays on your signs, you will also need to make accessibility adjustments to the design of your content.

ADA Standards










Request More Information

For questions or requests related to the service, please contact the digital signage team at