Centrex Phones

Please note that the following information is NOT for the VoIP Telephone System at Notre Dame.  This page contains reference information for the former analog telephone system. 

Business Set Reference Guide (Centrex Phone System)
Voicemail for Centrex Phones
Student Voicemail Information


Reset the Time & Date on a Digital Centrex Line

If your office telephone has a display, you may notice that the date and time needs to be corrected, particularly when our time zone changes in the Spring and Fall for Daylight Savings Time.

To change the date and time on the telephone:

  1. Press the Program key
  2. Press the >>> key at the bottom of the key pad repeatedly until you see the display: Time and Date Set?
  3. Press the Hold key
  4. Enter the DD/MM/YY
    You must use Day/Month/Year format to achieve correct setting
  5. Enter the hh:mm
    You must enter time in military time (24hr) format
  6. Press the Hold key
  7. Press the RLS (release) key