ND VPN for Windows

Connect to the Cisco VPN from a Windows System

  1. If you already have an older version of the Cisco VPN Client installed on your machine, remove it before attempting this installation.
  2. Download/save the Cisco VPN Installer for Windows to your desktop. You can delete this after you run the installer shown in step 3 below. Please also download a copy of the Windows VPN Client User Guide for your reference.
  3. Run the Cisco VPN Installer for Windows by double-clicking on the icon on your computer desktop. Your use of the client is subject to the terms of the license contained within this guide.
  4. At the Security Window, choose Run.

    windows security warning

  5. At the prompt that asks you where to unzip the folder, click Browse and choose to save it on your desktop.

    windows unzip dialog

  6. There will now be 3 icons on your desktop: the installer you just ran, a client folder, and the new VPN installer that looks like a computer with a CD in front of it. Double-click the VPN installer to run it. (After installation has finished you can delete all three icons.)

    windows desktop icons vpnclient

  7. If you did not reboot your system after installing the VPN client, do so before attempting to connect to the Notre Dame VPN.
  8. From the Start menu, choose All Programs, followed by Cisco Systems VPN Client, followed by VPN Client.
  9. Make sure that the "ndvpn" connection entry is highlighted and click Connect, as shown below.

    ndvpn connection screen

  10. You will see the User Authentication window shown below. Enter your NetID in the Username field and your account password in the Password field. (Note: This process applies to the general campus VPN only. If you need to connect to a privileged VPN group, you should have received different instructions for this step from your system administrator.)

    ndvpn login screen

  11. Click OK to continue.
  12. After a few moments, you should see the message "Welcome to VPN group NOTREDAME!" as shown below. This indicates that you have successfully connected to the campus VPN. Click Continue to dismiss this window.

    ndvpn connection welcome screen