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The Notre Dame network provides added security for users of the campus network by segregating the campus network into distinct virtual networks for faculty, staff, students and guests. It also adds encryption capabilities to Notre Dame's wireless network, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information you transmit using the ND-Secure WiFi network..

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ND-Secure, our wireless network, provides the user with the benefit of encryption and enables Notre Dame to accurately control usage of its wireless network. Since ND-Secure requires authentication, users must have an active affiliation with the University in order to use the ND-Secure wireless network. ND-Guest is an unencrypted wireless network to serve the needs of legacy wireless devices as well as authorized University guest. Follow the links below for instructions on connecting to the ND network.

Wireless Instructions

Wired Instructions


Many applications that are used at Notre Dame require that you be on the ND network.  If you are away from the office and need to access these applications you can do so by using the ND VPN. Logging into the ND VPN allows you to work as if you were on campus with your computer. You must have a valid ND ID to access the ND VPN.  

Installation and Instructions on How to Use the ND VPN.


Remote Sites

Students studying abroad at Notre Dame International locations can find connection information on the Remote Sites page.

Remote Sites


Guests on Campus


Note: The University of Notre Dame guest wireless network is provided as a convenience for University visitors and guests, and its use is not warranted in any way, express or implied, by the University of Notre Dame.  Your use of the network is solely at your own risk and is subject to all applicable University policies.  There is no guarantee of network performance.  Individual access to the network, or the entire network’s availability, may be suspended or terminated at any time at the University's sole discretion.

ND-Guest is an unencrypted wireless network designed to support authorized guests of the University, faculty/staff/student-owned legacy wireless devices that do not support 802.11X connections, and faculty/staff/student-owned devices that do not have Web browsers to allow you to authenticate to use the ND-Secure network. To access some University resources, you may need to use a VPN connection while on the ND-Guest wireless network.

Entertainment Systems

Entertainment systems such as gaming consoles and media devices can be connected to the ND network but must be registered.  To register a device for use on the ND network, if it comes with a browser, you'll be automatically routed to the registration page.

Network-enabled games and other devices may not have a browser, so you'll need to locate the MAC address (Media Access Control address) that was assigned by the manufacturer.  Information on setup of gaming consoles and media devices.
Web Registration - Need a static host name (FQDN) for your device? Use this tool to register your static host name. Note: This tool is not for DNS/DHCP administrators - this tool is for the average campus user.


Additional Resources

Jack Activation Request

DNS & DHCP Information

InfoBlox Bulk Registration Request

Border Firewall Information (ND NetID & Password Required)

Network Statistics (ND NetID & Password Required)