NetID & Email Address Changes Standard

The OIT uses an automated account management system to create unique NetIDs for all new faculty, staff and students, using a combination of the individual’s legal name plus a number. The OIT will change the assigned NetID only in the following circumstances:

  • a legal name change due to divorce or annulment
  • misspelling of a legal name
  • a combination of letters and/or numbers that results in an obscene or derogatory word, or that reflects negatively on the University.

An individual may request only one NetID change. A NetID always must reflect an individual’s own legal name.

Faculty and staff may configure up to five additional vanity or preferred email aliases that differ from any system-generated aliases, and may change these aliases as often as they choose. Email aliases must never misrepresent the individual’s identity or position, contain obscene or derogatory language or language that reflects negatively on the University.

Failure to comply with this standard may result in loss of email privileges. The Chief Information Officer has discretion to grant exceptions to this standard.