Stay Secure

Keeping your computer and your data secure requires a variety of tools and habits. Learn about them using the information and resources below.

Encryption at Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s Information Handling Standards require encryption of highly sensitive data, and recommend encryption of sensitive data. Learn how to encrypt your data and your computer to help keep information safe.

Password Security

Your NetID password provides access to a wide variety of University resources, including your email, access to licensed applications and resources, your academic or professional records, and much more. Learn the dangers of sharing your password, and why you don’t ever need to share it.

Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices are an increasingly important part of everyday life on campus. Learn how to secure your mobile device, and what to do if you lose yours.


STOP Security Plates, or "Stop Tags" Can help deter theft and aid in the recovery of lost or stolen devices. Find out how STOP Tags can protect your devices.

Traveling Securely

When you travel, you often need to take your data and mobile devices with you. Learn how to travel securely with your mobile devices.

Campus Server Information Submission

To self-identify a campus server, please complete the campus server information submission form

Social Security Number Remediation and Handling

For information about Notre Dame's SSN remediation program and handling, visit Social Security Number Remediation

Skype Security

Skype is a very useful tool, but like any social media program it comes with it's own risks. Learn how to stay secure using Skype.