Border Firewall

The Notre Dame campus is protected from many attacks from the Internet by a border firewall. Details of ports and protocols allowed in through the firewall are available at the link above.


The DNS (Domain Name System) black list which help protect computers on the ND network from visiting suspected unsafe web sites.

Unprotected Network

Researchers who require unfiltered Internet access to support their research may request unfiltered access on the unprotected network.

Campus Vulnerability Scanning

Critical campus infrastructure and systems can be scanned using our vulnerability scanning tools that are capable of scanning campus and datacenter systems. Requests for vulnerability scanning services can be made at the link above.

WebInspect Web Application and Server Scanning

The OIT licenses HP’s WebInspect, a powerful web application and server vulnerability scanning tool. Campus Web applications that are preparing to enter production should be WebInspected first.

Campus Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Learn about Notre Dame’s campus Intrusion Prevention system, as well as current rules applied at the border.