Identity Finder

What is Identity Finder?

Identity Finder is a software application dedicated to the prevention of data leakage. Identity Finder automatically locates social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, driver's licenses, dates of birth, and other private data that can be used to commit identity fraud. The product searches within files, emails, browsers and other system areas where people might not even realize their computer stored their details. Beyond identification, the technology helps securely shred or encrypt information.

What can I expect when I’m notified my computer/department is scheduled for SSN Scanning/Remediation?

The Data Security Coordinator will meet with your department’s contact (i.e., DSS/IT Support and/or Department Manager) a few weeks prior to scanning/remediation in your department to explain the process, answer questions and gather the necessary department computer information.   Once the Data Security Coordinator receives the department computer information from your department’s contact, you will receive an email notifying you when the New Enterprise version of Identity Finder software will be installed on your computer.   Note:  Please do not install the old local version of Identity Finder software on your computer as it will only be removed and replaced with the Enterprise version.

After the software has been successfully installed, the Data Security Coordinator will work with your department contact to schedule a date for the scan. 

The day after the scheduled scan, the Data Security Coordinator will review the results of the scans from the console to verify whether they were successful and address any failed scans.  Note:  If the scan was successful on your computer, you should see a RESULTS.IDF file on your desktop.  This file contains files that may contain SSNs and is used for remediation.

Can we run Identity Finder before the remediators come to our area?

ONLY if you have the correct version of the client installed.  Once your group has been informed by the SSN Team that the Enterprise version of the client has been installed on your computers, then it is alright to kick off a self-intiated scan.. .. however, even if scans are run by employees ahead of time, the SSN Team will still need to run another scan when we come into the department. 

Will Identify Finder scans run if my laptop is not in the office?

Yes, but you must be connected via VPN during the scheduled scan and remain connected until the scan is complete.

How do I know when a scan has completed?

You should see a file on your desktop called “Results.idf” and the Identity Finder Icon should disappear from your system tray.

What happens if my VPN connection drops and/or is interrupted during a scan?

The scan will need to be initiated again either via the console or manually via the workstation.

Do I have to remediate my “Results.idf” file immediately after the scan completes or can I wait to do it at a later date?

You can remediate your “Results.idf” file at a later date.  Any remediation that’s done via the Results.idf file will be reported back to the console once your laptop is connected to the network again via VPN or when you are back in the office.

Who will be reviewing the results? 

The SSN Team are the only people right now who review the results on the console.  

What will the console report?

The console reports the number of files searched, the number of POTENTIAL SSNs found and how many have been protected/unprotected.  We only see the file paths (location) of where potential SSNs have been found.  We cannot see the actual SSN in the console, we only see things Flagged as a Social Security, password, credit card, etc., we cannot open any files flagged from within the console.   

Once my department has been remediated what is the ongoing scan schedule?  Is there a required or recommended scanning schedule (quarterly, yearly, each semester etc.)? 

No decisions have been made yet regarding a schedule for rescans.  We expect to have a better idea after the Pilot for rescanning has been completed. 

If my unit doesn’t [currently] have Identity Finder on our workstations what should we do?

Right now, the best answer is wait until we install it for you.  The primary issue we have with allowing users to download/install the client on their own is our inability to effectively manage the data in the console.  Once the client is installed on a computer, the computer name will show up in the console.  If there is nothing in the naming convention of the computer to indicate who it belongs to or what department they are in … we have no way of knowing who that computer belongs to to place it in the correct department “TAG”.  (This is why we ask for a list of computer names from each departments prior to scanning/remediation).