Security Tools

The OIT provides a variety of security tools to help you keep your computer and data secure. You will find the University’s security standards and compliance tools, security event reporting forms, and security software like Sensitive Number Finder and antivirus software below.

Security Standards and Variances

Campus standards for system configuration and security can be found here, as well as details on how variances from this standard are granted, and tools to assist in the automation of compliance.

Secure Mail

Secure Mail helps ensure encryption of highly sensitive information sent via email. Access to this service is provided to staff and faculty in departments who regularly deal with highly sensitive information.

Sensitive Number Finder (SENF)

SENF is provided for systems that are unable to run Identiy Finder. Linux and other systems that are not supported by Identity Finder can use SENF to locate data including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other highly sensitive data types.

Antivirus and AntiMalware

The University of Notre Dame provides antivirus software for campus systems, including Microsoft System Center EndPoint Protection.