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What is a Help Desk Student Consultant?
What's involved in being a Help Desk Student Consultant?
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What is a Help Desk Student Consultant?

Help Desk Student Consultants are students who have been hired and trained by the OIT. These students are hired to help their fellow Notre Dame classmates, faculty and staff with computing and technology problems or issues. Help Desk Student Consultants also make on-site visits to the campus residence halls to assist our on-campus student population. The main responsibility of a consultant is to diagnose problems that individuals may have either connecting to the network, network software (e.g., email clients and browsers), assisting with virus/worm and spam-related issues, or using Microsoft Office Suite software. The consultants determine whether a problem is software, hardware, or network related, and are trained to solve common problems.

What's involved in being a Help Desk Student Consultant?

Those hired as a Help Desk Student Consultant will receive training in diagnosing and solving network related problems before beginning work. Work for the consultant begins during the Back to School (BTS) rush during the first few days of school. Once the rush has ended, the consultants will work during regular hours at the Help Desk in DeBartolo Hall and will be dispatched to students needing assistance in residence halls, if necessary. Most requests for assistance are resolved over the phone. Consultants average approximately 10 hours of work per week after the BTS rush has completed. Help Desk Student Consultants are available for appointments:

Position Requirements

  • Attend annual training (conducted the week before the Fall semester begins)
  • Customer service attitude
  • Ability to determine customer needs with little information.
  • Communicate clearly in writing, in person and on the telephone
  • Ability to communicate instructions clearly to a varied audience
  • Ability to manage time based on work priorities
  • Ability to work at least 8 hours per week which may include evenings and/or Sunday
  • Ability to learn quickly

Helpful Knowledge

  • Windows 7/8
  • Mac OS (helpful but not required)
  • Internet Protocol
  • Browser applications
  • Email applications (in addition to Gmail)
  • Malware eradication techniques
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Box
  • Google Apps (Document, Spreadsheet, etc...)
  • Wired/Wireless network
  • Webfile/Netfile/AFS

This is not an exhaustive list, only a sampling of the types of calls a Help Desk Student Consultant might encounter when working at the Help Desk.

How can you become a Help Desk Student Consultant?

If you are interested in becoming a Help Desk Student Consultant, please fill out an application by going to the Help Desk Student Applications page. If you need more information about becoming an consultant, contact the Help Desk Student Supervisor at 574-631-8417.