Green Computing at Notre Dame

Office of Sustainability Notre Dame



Print Duplex

If you must print, save paper by printing duplex.

Printing Presentation

If you must print presentations, print presentations at 2, 4, or 6 slides to a page.

Paper Submissions

Faculty - ask your students to submit papers to you either electronically or printed duplex; send them feedback via email or by using the comments feature in electronic submissions.

Course Packets

Faculty - try using online course packets instead of printed ones.

Cloud Collaboration

Students - if you have a collaborative project or paper to work on, try using ND Google Apps' Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations so that everyone can contribute without having to print copies to mark up.

Energy Saver

Use your computer's energy settings to decrease power usage or turn off portions of your computer when you aren't using your computer.


For other tips on what you can do to be green, check out the Office of Sustainability's web site.