Spam Email

What Can I Do About SPAM?

SPAM Email

What Can I Do About SPAM?

Besides using the delete button, following these simple suggestions can help deal with a large majority of the spam you receive:

  • When completing paper and online forms, think carefully before providing your email address. Many sites sell their distribution lists to other organizations. If a privacy option is provided, select it to request that your information remain confidential.
  • Gmail provides excellent spam filtering.  All such filtered messages are accessible for 30 days under the Spam label.  You can find details about Google's filtering, including how to "train" Gmail. You can click the Report Spam button within the Gmail interface.
  • You may also wish to report the incident to the sender's service provider. Most commercial Internet Service Providers have policies against using their services to deliver unsolicited email, and they may be able to take action against the spammer.
    • You may analyze the message headers and send your own report to your service provider.
    • If you believe the spam is coming from an account, you may forward spam (with full email headers) to If we confirm the email is spam and was sent from an account we will take action to prevent further messages from being delivered, and assist the account owner to prevent a reoccurence.

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