Inbox by Google is an email application that provides enhanced features for managing your Inbox and mobile use.  You can switch back and forth between Inbox and Gmail. Changes made in one are reflected in the other.  

Note: The Gmail web and mobile interfaces continue to be the preferred email client at Notre Dame. Google remains committed to continuing support for Gmail.

Key features:

  • Improved inbox management:

    • Mail is automatically bundled into categories like Promos, Social, Purchases, Trips, and Low Priority

    • Set a schedule for your bundles to display in your Inbox: immediately, once a day, or once a week

    • Pin important emails so they are easy to find

  • Take messages out of your inbox until a specified time or arrival at a specified place

  • Integrated Calendar reminders that can be tied to email messages

  • Save links (URLs) to your Inbox

  • Replies in email suggest common responses

  • Orders contain up to date tracking information


Inbox by Gmail does not yet have the following features that the standard Gmail service does:

  • Advanced search options drop down menu. However, Inbox does support advanced search operators like From: or To: when typed in the search box

  • Ability to create filters

  • Canned responses

  • Labs

  • Offline

  • Configuring multiple accounts

  • Ability to tag a message or conversation with multiple labels


To learn more about Inbox, visit:

Inbox support information available at:


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