Groups Basics

NOTE: Your ND account can be used to access public Google Groups. Our Notre Dame Google Groups have the custom ND logo in the upper left corner.
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Institutional Groups

  • Used for University or organization purposes
  • Not owned by a specific user
  • Can be populated from other University systems
  • Can manage membership for SharePoint, NetFile, CorpFS, or other IT services
  • Begins with "ND-"

Example: Everyone in my department

Please fill out the ServiceNow Request form to request an institutional group.

User-created Groups

  • Ad-hoc or short-term use
  • Only for use within Google Apps
  • Group will be deleted if the owner's account is removed
  • Cannot be converted to an institutional group
  • Can contain an institutional group
  • Must not begin with "ND"

Example: Lunchtime basketball league

User-created groups may take up to two hours for the corresponding email address to be created.



Google Groups at Notre Dame: Which Group is Right for You?

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