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An online calendar tool that allows you to coordinate meetings, schedule events, and share your calendar with others.

Mobile Devices

If you find that your iOS calendar does not stay current, try Google Calendar for iOS. It is up-to-date, has great search features and can support all of your calendars. Google Calendar for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store.

Calendar Settings

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Adding Another Calendar

Google provides excellent instructions for adding other calendars to your Google Calendar.

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Add the ND Administrative Calendar

Add the administrative calendar to your Google Calendar so you know important ND dates and holidays. Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to your Google Calendar

2. Click the box with the down pointing triangle to the right of Other calendars

3. Click Add a friend's calendar

4. Paste in this email:

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Calendar Tips & Best Practices

Suggested Labs

Google Labs services are experimental. This means that Google does not offer any support for them, and that Google reserves the right to change these services or even remove them at any time. OIT staff have tried the available labs, and found several to be very helpful.  To access Labs, from your calendar, select the gear icon and choose Labs.

Hide Morning and Night Enable this lab to indicate which hours of the day you don’t need to actively see all the time, making more room on your calendar view for usual work hours you need to see most of the time. Hidden hours can easily be seen again by clicking in that area to expand.
Gentle Reminders This feature replaces calendar pop-ups and instead, the tab of the Google Calendar will blink and you’ll hear a pleasant sound, or you can choose to have desktop notifications instead.
Event Attachments Include Google docs, sheets, or presentations to a meeting, or upload a file from your computer. You can share the attachment with meeting attendees if they don’t already have shared access to that file. 
Who’s my one-on-one with?  Enable this lab to see the name of the person you’ll meet with in parenthesis next to the name of the event on your calendar, if it’s only one person. 
World Clock Enable this lab to always know the current time in multiple time zones. Plus, click on an event and the time zone gadget will display the corresponding event time across the different time zones.

Other Fun Labs

Event Flair Add a little flash to your events by including icons for things like meals, parties, vacations, and travel, which are visible to all event participants.
Background Image Change calendar background to a photo of your choice. Search for an imagine online, click to view image or click on the image to get the url for that photo, cut and paste into the field in settings and preview. Voila!

Configuring others calendars for viewing on iOS devices

  1. Configure your own calendar on your iOS device.
  2. Use your Safari or Chrome browser on the device and go to
  3. Log into your ND Gmail account and tap Sign In.
  4. In the screen that appears you’ll see listings for not only your Gmail calendars, but also those calendars you’ve subscribed to.
  5. Enable those calendars you’d like to sync with your iPhone or iPad, choose Save and it’s done.

When you next open the Calendar app you’ll the events these calendars contain embedded in your calendar.  Within the iOS calendar app. tap on Calendar and you can turn specific calendars on and off as needed.

Configuring others calendars for viewing on other mobile devices

  1. Configure your own calendar on your mobile device.
  2. After you sync your calendar, visit this site from your mobile device:
  3. Select the calendars you’d like to sync, then click Save.

The selected calendars will be available on your mobile device at the next sync.

Calendar Tips for Administrative Assistants

If you are a delegate for someone else's calendar, you'll find the instructions in this document very helpful.

Specify the event time zone

For those that travel a lot, it can be a headache to schedule meetings in different time zones. With Google Calendar, you can easily specify the time zone for a given event.

Events will appear on your calendar according to your current time zone, and when you change to your destination time zone, they’ll be in the right place.

  1. Just click the Time zone link to the right of the date and time fields on the event details page.


  2. Next, specify the event time zone in the pop-up. If you want, you can even set up events that start in one time zone and end in another, ideal for those of you with managers who fly often.


  3. Click Done.

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Google Calendar for Administrative Assistants

Please see the information below for essential fundamentals of using Google Calendar for Administrative Assistants. This document will focus on working with one’s own Calendar and one’s supervisor. 

The link for this documentation is a Google Doc. Be green, don’t print. Save the doc to your Google Drive or bookmark it and have it as a reference whenever you need it. Use the Table of Contents to quickly find what you need - all from your Google Drive. Add your own notes or highlight various sections or content once you save; it’s your document. Go wild.

How to save the file to one’s Google Drive: click the link > login using one’s Notre Dame NetID and password. If already logged-in, one is taken to the document >  Click File, Move to Folder > Select My Drive and the folder one wants to save the file; a checkbox appears. If one does not have a folder in My Drive, save the file to one’s My Drive by clicking My Drive; a checkbox appears, then click the Move button. The file is now saved to one’s Google Drive. 

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Managing Resources

A calendar resource is anything you schedule that isn't an event. The most common example is a meeting room. Other examples might include projectors, laptops, golf carts, a car or van, etc.

This content is presented to help one manage a resource including how to share this resource with others. One can only MANAGE a resource where one has the highest permission/access level for the resource: make changes and manage sharing. The resource will display in the My Calendar section when viewing one’s own calendar.

Approvals for scheduling rooms and equipment

Very few (very few) resources on campus should be configured in a way that requires approval to schedule an event for that resource. For situations that require this type of configuration, please see the OIT setup documentation. Be sure to see the Important Notes section for the configuration’s impact.

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Calendar Resource Naming Standard (Meeting Rooms, Equipment)

The naming standard for a university meeting room is:

  • Department/Organization (ex: OIT)
  • Building Name (ex: ITC)
  • Room Number (ex: 100 Conference Room)

The Department/Organization can be the official name or the commonly used name (Office of Information Technologies or OIT). Due to the way rooms display in Google calendar, the shorter, common name is usually the better option.

The resource will display as: OIT-ITC 100 Conference Room.

Resources are grouped according to Department/Organization. Note: off-campus locations may follow a different standard where the location of the resource is used for the department/organization (ex: London)

The naming standard for equipment is similar to the standard for meeting rooms though the building name may not apply depending on the resource. The standard is:

  • Department/Organization (ex: OIT)
  • Building Name (ex: ITC)
  • Equipment Name/Type (ex: Projector 1, SmartCar)

The resource will display as: OIT-ITC Projector 1, OIT-ITC Smart Car (or OIT-Smart Car)

The building name may or may not apply depending on the equipment name/type. For example, a projector usually belongs to a building so the building name is part of the standard; a SmartCar may or may not belong to a particular building so the building name may be used or omitted.

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