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Note: Highly Sensitive Information CANNOT be stored in Google Apps.

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Google Apps for Notre Dame

Google Apps for Education Logo Sphere

Google provides a variety of tools to help you learn how to use each part of the Google Apps for Notre Dame suite. Please review the information linked on this page for details and help using the tools. If you have additional questions, please contact the OIT Help Desk by email to or by phone at (574) 631-8111.

Note: When leaving the University of Notre Dame, you will lose access to your Google Apps account.  For information on what will transfer to another account and what will not, see Google's Moving Product Data page.

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Google Apps for Notre Dame & Privacy

Google Apps for Notre Dame is provided by the University to students, faculty, and staff, and University policies apply to these services. In addition, Google upholds a strict privacy policy. You will need to accept Google's privacy policy the first time you log into Google Apps for Notre Dame.

Please note that in collaborative spaces within Google Apps for Notre Dame, your name and email address is visible to others. For example, when using Documents in Google Apps for Notre Dame, all people who can access a shared document can see the names and email addresses of any other persons sharing that same document.

Information stored in Google Apps for Notre Dame is subject to the Highly Sensitive Information Handling Standard.

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Getting Started in Google


Open Google Chrome

Google Apps works on all browsers but Chrome gives you the best experience with Google Apps.



Sign in to your account

Just go to and Sign In with your Notre Dame NetID and password.



Set up your Gmail

Set up your email signature, labels to organize your email, and filters.



Set up your Calendar

Set up reminders, sharing, and more...
Add Labs and set up mobile...


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Using the Google Apps Grid

The grid is located in the upper right, the icon that looks like a tic-tac-toe board.

Apps Grid Upper Right

Click the icon to display the suite of Google Apps available for campus use.

Apps Grid Full With Callout

A couple of notes on the apps:

  • You can arrange the apps by dragging-and-dropping the icons to new postions
  • Easily navigate to Gmail, Calendar, or Drive by clicking the respective icon
  • Docs, Sheets, Slides - these icons show a recent history of document-type, spreadsheet-type, and presentation-type docuements. A list of both Google docs and Office docs is displayed. 

Login Tips

You can access various Google services for Notre Dame by going to any of the following URLs: -- Gmail -- Google Calendar -- Google Drive -- Google Drive

You can create a bookmark for any of these links in your browser for easy access.

All of these will present you with a CAS (Central Authentication Service) login screen similar to the one below if your browser has not already authenticated (logged in).  You will always use your netid and password to login via CAS.

CAS login screen

You may occasionally be presented with a Google login screen like the one below.  If you enter your in the email field and leave the password blank, when you click Sign In it will redirect you to the ND CAS screen.  You will then enter your netid and password to connect to the desired Google service.


Note:  You must include the, so that Google knows that your account is managed by ND when presented with a Google login screen, in order to be routed the CAS.

We've posted additional tips for those that need to login with multiple Google accounts.

Useful Google Links

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