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Find additional resources for using Sakai below, including scheduled workshops, video tutorials, and instructions for joining the Sakai Users Group for faculty and staff, called Sakai-iatry.

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Workshop Study Guides

Sakai 101: The Basics (course handout)

In this hands-on session, you will have the opportunity to experience a Sakai Course Site both as a student and instructor. Several Sakai tools will be introduced at a basic level - including syllabus, gradebook, and assignments - providing you the opportunity to become comfortable with the way the system works. 

Sakai: Working with the Gradebook (course handout)

The Sakai gradebook is a powerful and complex tool that presents you with many options. This session walks you through setting up a gradebook, using weighted categories, and entering grades. You will learn how to find your way around the gradebook screen and interpret the different colors you see. If you plan to use the gradebook you should attend this session!

Sakai: Tests and Quizzes (course handout)

The Sakai Tests & Quizzes tool allows instructors to create online tests, quizzes, exercises, surveys, and other forms of assessment. This session walks you through creating and using question pools, settings, and creating various assessment types. If you plan to use the Tests & Quizzes tool you should attend this session! 

Sakai: Using the Assignments Tool (course handout)

Sakai’s Assignments tool allows instructors to post assignment details, electronically collect submissions, and provide feedback, including grades. Participants will sample an assignment as a student, then create an assignment and complete grading activities as an instructor.

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On-Site Assistance


Sakai specialists are available by appointment to help you with Sakai. From introductory help with course site setup to enhancing department productivity and engagement using Sakai, the Sakai team will design a training session tailored to your individual or department needs. For additional information or to request training, contact the Sakai team at Sakai_Team@nd.edu.

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Videos and Guides

Guides to Tools

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Video Walkthroughs

Finding and Organizing your Sakai Site Links (2:33)

Publish a Course Site (1:37)

How to Create a Supersection (2:01)

Create a Supersection - Multiple Instructors (2:44)

Resources: Drag and Drop (1:32)

Resources: Linking to Content Items (3:02)

Resources: Creating a Site Page from a Folder (1:54)

Working with Group Assignment Submissions (3:13)

Assignments: Setting Up Peer Review (2:02)

Assignments: Student Peer Review Assignment Workflow (2:02)

Assignments: Grading Peer Review Assignments (1:39)

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The Kaneb Center

If you'd like to learn more about how to enhance your teaching with Sakai, the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning is available to help.  To learn more, visit kaneb.nd.edu or contact kaneb@nd.edu.

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Sounds like "psychiatry"

Pronuncation: IPA: /saɪˈkaɪ.əˌtɹi/

Sakai-iatry -"The branch of educational technology that subjectively diagnoses, treats, and studies collaborative learning environments, their usage and behavioral conditions".

OR better described as:sakaiiatry

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