ND Backup

ND Backup for Windows copies the contents of your "My Documents" folder to a private backup area in NetFile or to a location you choose on a local drive. All files and folders are backed up with the exception of the "My Music", "My Pictures", and "My Videos" folders. These excluded folders typically contain large amounts of non-business related material that could quickly fill all of your available backup space. Business-related media files can be backed up by placing them in a separate folder. ND Backup for Windows also provides an option to backup your Microsoft Outlook PST files (if applicable), your Desktop files, and your Internet browser files (Favorites for Internet Explorer, complete profiles for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.)

ND Backup is available for download on the OIT Software Downloads page.

Operating System Requirements

ND Backup for Windows works on Microsoft WindowsXP, Vista, and Windows 7.

ND Backup Options

ND Backup for Windows provides a graphical user interface to Microsoft's Robust File Copy Utility (Robocopy.) The following screen appears when you launch ND Backup for Windows. Simply click the Backup button or the Restore button to begin.

ndbackup initial screen

ND Backup for Windows can create backup copies in your personal NetFile space or on a local drive of your choosing. Your "My Documents" folder is backed up by default. You can also backup your Desktop files and shortcuts, Internet browser files, and Microsoft Outlook PST files by selecting the applicable checkbox. From the screen shown below, click "Backup To NetFile" to create a backup in your Personal folder in NetFile. Click "Backup To Local Drive" to create a backup on a local drive and location of your choosing.

ndbackup main screen

Backing Up To NetFile

ND Backup for Windows will attempt to connect to Netfile when you click Backup To NetFile. Depending upon your logon credentials, the following will then occur:

  • Logged on as an ND.EDU domain member - the backup will begin immediately
  • Logged on as a non-domain member - you will be prompted to enter your NetID and Password

When the backup begins, a folder named "backup" will be created within your Private NetFile space. A sub-folder named identically to your computer name is also created. All backup files and folders will be copied to this <computername> folder.

Backing Up Files To A Local Drive

After you choose Backup To Local Drive, depending upon whether you have performed a previous backup to the same location will display instructions. 

Backup Status

If the backup completes without errors, you will see the message "Backup to Netfile Completed". 


If errors have occurred, you will see the following screen:

netfile backup failed msg

You can view the failure log files by clicking the "ND Backup for Windows Logs" shortcut on the ND Backup for Windows Start Menu.

Log files

You can view all log files by clicking the "ND Backup for Windows Logs" shortcut on the ND Backup for Windows Start Menu.

Restoring Files

ND Backup for Windows can open a Windows Explorer window that you can use to restore files and folders from your personal NetFile backup space or from a local drive backup.  To restore files from a previous backup, select the appropriate Restore option for where your backup is located:

  • "Restore From NetFile"  OR
  • "Restore From Local Drive"


Restoring Files From NetFile

When performing a NetFile restore, ND Backup for Windows will open a Windows Explorer window within the backup folder in your personal NetFile space.


Browse to the location of the desired file/folder. Then simply copy the file/folder to your desired destination.

Previous versions of these files/folders are also available. NetFile maintains an 8-day history of your files.
To access previous file/folder versions:

  1. Right-click the file/folder name and then select Properties from the resulting menu.
  2. Click the Previous Versions tab. A dialog box similar to the following will display:

    previous versions of backups

  3. Click to the desired Folder or File and Highlight.
  4. Click Copy... and them select a location to save a copy of the file/folder.
  5. Click Restore to restore the file to its original location. If a version of the file currently exists in the restore location, the following prompt will appear:
    • Click Restore to overwrite the existing file/folder. If you do not wish to overwrite the file, click Cancel and then select Copy... to store the file in a separate location.


Restoring Files From A Local Drive Backup

When performing a local drive restore, the Windows Explorer window will open to the location of the last performed backup.

restore local screen

Browse to the location of the file/folder you want to restore. Then simply copy the file/folder to your desired destination.

Error Messages

Errors appear in red within the left window. These errors can be:

  • ND network not available
    • Backups to NetFile require direct access to the NetFile storage space. This requires that your computer be connected to the campus network (wired or wireless) or that you connect using the Notre Dame VPN
  • Insufficient NetFile space
    • You do not have sufficient free space in Netfile to perform the backup.
  • An existing Local Backup was not found. Please select another function.
    • The location of the local backup you selected to restore from did not contain any backup files.