What is PrintND?

PrintND is a print management system that helps the University control printing costs while providing all students with a print quota to help them with their academic printing needs.

What is the release station?

Near every PrintND printer is a computer referred to as the release station. You must log in to that computer using your NetID and password, select your document that you wish to print, and choose to release it. This provides security so that your document will not print until you are at the printer to pick it up. It also saves paper and toner if you accidentally queue something to print, because print jobs in the queue are purged after 6 hours if you haven't released them.

I am connected to the Internet, but I am unable to print to any PrintND printer. Am I missing something?

You must be connected to the ND-Secure, or the wired campus network to use PrintND printers on campus. Please review the Wireless Networks at Notre Dame support page for details on connecting to the ND network. Users connecting to the wired network connection will be able to use PrintND via ND-Secure after they authenticate to the zoned network. You must use a VPN connection when you print from any connection other than ND-Secure or Eduroam, such as ND-Guest or off-campus connections.

Where is the printer located for my residence hall?

Please refer to the Residence Hall Printer Location & Model Information support page.

Norton Antivirus won't let me install the PrintND software.  How do I resolve this?

To install the new PrintND drivers, you will need to temporarily disable your Norton AV. Save your work and close any extra windows and programs you have open.

In the lower-right hand side of your screen (near your time/date, network info, and other taskbar icons), click the small arrow to display all of your icons.  Right-click on your Norton icon and select “turn on silent mode” for an hour.  Next, right-click Norton again and temporarily disable your AV protection.  15 minutes is enough for most machines to successfully install the Print@ND client.

Download the PrintND drivers and install as normal.  If your previous installation failed, download a NEW copy of the drivers, and install the new copy.
Although your AV will automatically re-enable itself after the time frame you selected, we recommend right-clicking on the Norton icon a few more times to turn off silent mode and re-enable AV protection.  If you have any further trouble with the PrintND installer, please give us a call.

I have old printer configurations from the old PrintND system. How do I get rid of them if they are no longer needed?

Installing the new PrintND drivers after noon August 6 will remove any old queues and drivers.

Can I print from my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

You can print from your mobile devices by going to  For more information about printing from mobile devices, click here.

The PrintND pop-up does not appear when I send a file to print via a Web browser. What can I do to make the pop-up appear?

To print from a Web browser, you have to allow pop-ups in your browser settings. Adding to your list of trusted sites also would allow PrintND to be an exemption to allow pop-ups.

Does my print quota of 1,000 points reset each semester?

See Allotted print quota resets each academic year.

I am a graduate student. When will I receive my additional quota?

Graduate students received their additional quota allocations the first week of September. If you are a graduate student and did not receive the additional 2,500 points of quota by September 15th, please call 574-631-8778.

How long do I have to release my print job?

All print jobs in the queue will be purged after 6 hours if you haven't released them.

Do I need to install the new PrintND software if I’ve used the system successfully in past years?

Yes. All of the printer queues and print drivers have changed to improve the print quality and performance of the system. To utilize those improvements you must use the new software, which can be found here after noon, August 6. Drivers downloaded before noon, August 6, may be the old printer drivers for last year.

Whom do I contact if the printer is out of paper, out of toner or broken?

Please contact Learning Spaces at (574) 631-8778 to report errors and notifications for PrintND printers.

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