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Configuration for Campus Printing
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PrintND is a print management system that helps the University control printing costs while providing all students with a print quota to help them with their academic printing needs.  Please visit our PrintND Frequently Asked Questions support page for additional information on PrintND on campus.

Configuration for Campus Printing


Windows PrintND Installers
Instructions for Configuring PrintND for Windows


Mac PrintND Installers
Instructions for Configuring PrintND for Mac

Note:  Printer drivers for other operating systems or for mobile devices are not available.  However, you should be able to store your document in Box, or Google Drive, and then access it from a Lab computer for printing.

Student Print Quota

Undergraduate students receive a quota of 1,500 sheets per academic year.
Graduate and professional students receive a quota of 3,500 sheets per academic year.

Note:  Print quota for all students will be updated on August 16th, adding $90 (equivalent to 1500 pages) to any residual balance from the previous year.  On Sept. 13, all graduate students will receive an additional increase of $120 (equivalent to 2000 pages).

Printing Charges

Undergraduate Quotas 1,500 sheets
Graduate Quotas 3,500 sheets
Cost per One Single-Sided B&W Sheet 6 cents
Cost per One Single-Sided Color Sheet 50 cents
Initial Quota Shown at Release Station $90

Students may request reimbursement in the event of printer/copier malfunctions, lost print jobs or torn sheets by contacting the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111, or submitting an incident at

Duplex Printing Incentive

When students print double-sided (duplex) their quota is charged only 3 cents per impression, rather than 6 cents when printing single-sided sheets. Student who print all their material double-sided could effectively double their quota from 1,500 pages to 3,000 pages. Learn more about Green Computing at Notre Dame.

Requesting a Quota Increase

Students may acquire additional printing quota at $.06 per sheet by visiting 115 DeBartolo Hall during normal business hours. Payments are by cash or check only.

Faculty sponsorship of print quota increases has been eliminated because quota has been increased and the per-print fee has been reduced.

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