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PrintND is a print management system that helps the University control printing costs while providing all students with a print quota to help them with their academic printing needs.  Please visit our PrintND Frequently Asked Questions support page for additional information on PrintND on campus.


How to Print

New PrintND Drivers!

Please update your PrintND drivers here.

You must be connected to ND-Secure or the wired campus network to download the drivers and to print.  If you are connected to any other network, you must connect to the VPN first.

Once your new drivers are installed, everything gets easier:

  • Only two queues:  All ND Color, and All ND BW
  • Quota is given in a point system
  • A small information bubble may inform you of the point charge for your print job

How to print this year:

  1. Connect to the wired campus network, ND-Secure, or to VPN to print.
    Click for more details
  2. Install the PrintND drivers, new August 6.
  3. When you print a job, select All ND BW (black and white or greyscale) or All ND Color.
  4. Enter your netID when prompted

    Alternatively, try our Mobile Printing. Mobile printing does not require a VPN connection.

  5. Depending on your computer, you may get a small information bubble telling you how many points your job will deduct from your quota.  Quota is NOT deducted until you release the job at a Pharos printer station, however.
  6. Locate a color of black and white printer in one of many campus locations
  7. Log into the Pharos release station.  Click on the job or jobs you would like to print, and click “Print.”  The Pharos station will deduct points from your quota, and your job will print on the nearby printer.


Note:  Printer drivers for unsupported operating systems or for mobile devices are not available.  However, you should be able to store your document in Box, or Google Drive, and then access it from a Lab computer for printing.

Student Print Quota

Undergraduate students receive a quota of 1,000 points per semester (2,000/yr).
Graduate and professional students receive a quota of 3,500 points per year.

Note:  Print quota for undergraduate students will be updated on January 5th, adding an additional 1,000 points to your existing quota.

Printing Charges

B/W Simplex (print on one side of a sheet of paper)   2 pts
B/W Duplex (print on both sides of a sheet of paper) 2 pts
Color Simplex (print on one side of a sheet of paper) 12 pts
Color Duplex (print on both sides of a sheet of paper)   12 pts
Initial Quota Shown at Release Station 1000 pts
Per Semester

Note: Undergraduate students receive 2,000 points for the entire Academic year (1,000 points for the fall semester, 1,000 points for the spring semester).  Graduate students received 3,500 points for the academic year, and Law School students received 4,250 points for the academic year. 

Points not used by the end of the academic year will not roll over to next fall.  

Students may request reimbursement in the event of printer/copier malfunctions, lost print jobs or torn sheets by contacting Learning Spaces at 574-631-8778, or submitting an incident at

Requesting a Quota Increase

Additional print quota can be purchased at a rate of $3.00 per 100 points from the OIT Learning Spaces group, located in 115 DeBartolo by cash or check.  Points that you purchase remain in your account until you use those points.

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