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PrintND is a print management system that helps the University control printing costs while providing all students with a print quota to meet their academic printing needs.

Through the PrintND print management system, Notre Dame provides all students, faculty and staff with a printing service that meets their academic needs. It also supports the University's mission by encouraging resonsible stewardship of financial and environmental resources while controlling printing costs and minimizing waste.

We have updated PrintND this year! We have narrowed ALL PrintND student printers down to just two Queues: Black and White, or Color. You will also see some new prompts, and quota dollar values have been changed to a point system.

Important: please click Configure PrintND for Mac or Windows below to download the newest print drivers if you have not done so since noon August 6, 2014. Do not attempt to install the new drivers early, as you will simply get additional copies of the old drivers. Existing drivers will continue to work through August 5, 2014. For more information, explore the links below.

Configure PrintND for Mac or Windows
PrintND & Quota Information
Computer Lab Locations
Residence Hall Printer Locations
Hesburgh Libraries Locations
PrintND Frequently Asked Questions
Duplex Printing
Wireless Printers


Duplex Printing

Notre Dame's Office of Sustainability publishes a Green Guide for Sustainable Office Practices. The PrintND utilities configure Computer Lab and Residence Hall printers to comply with this recommendation automatically. You can select single-sided printing manually when needed by adjusting the printing options on your computer.

Duplex Printing Incentive
Instructions for Changing from Duplex to Single-Sided Printing on Windows
Instructions for Changing from Duplex to Single-Sided Printing on Mac
Green Computing at Notre Dame

Wireless Printing

The OIT does NOT support the setup and configuration of wireless printers. If you have a wireless printer, please directly connect to your printer via a cable for the best reliability.

We recommend that students use the public printers in all computer labs and residence halls via PrintND Printing Support.