Single Number Reach

The Cisco Unified Mobility feature called Single Number Reach (SNR) is a function of Cisco Unified Communications Manager that allows you to create remote destination profiles with up to four additional destination phones to ring simultaneously when your desk/soft phone rings. These additional destination phones are called remote destinations. You can set one of your remote destinations to be your mobile phone so you never miss a call.

With SNR, you can also apply access lists that permit or deny certain calls from reaching your cell phone. 

IMPORTANT:  You must complete a request form for Single Number Reach to be activated before it can be utilized.  Click here to fill out a request form.

Configure Single Number Reach

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Notre Dame Self Care portal at


  2. Enter your user name and password then click Sign In.
  3. You will now see your Self Care Portal.  Your IP Phone will be pictured on this page.


  4. Click the Plus sign image006 under Additional Phones to add the device you wish to ring along with your desk phone. This opens the Add a New Additional Number dialog box.


  5. Enter the telephone number you wish to ring in the Phone Number field.  Enter the number exactly how you would dial it you’re your desk phone, including a 8 for an external call, and a 1+ area code if necessary. Example: 815746318111
  6. Enter a Description for your device.  This is for your information only to assist with managing your alternate devices.
  7. Check Enable Single Number Reach to turn SNR on for this device. 


  8. The default schedule is for the device to always ring when your desk phone is called.  To set your own schedule, click the calendar icon image012 next to Create a schedule for this assignment.
  9. Create a name for your schedule, then choose the days and times you would like your alternate device to ring.


    NOTE:  Make sure you have the correct time zone set at the bottom of this window or you will not receive your calls at the correct times.
  10. Click Save to apply the schedule to your alternate device.
  11. If your device is a mobile phone and you want the ability to send active calls from your desk phone directly to your mobile phone without the connected party being placed on hold, click the Enable Move to Mobile option.


  12. Click Advanced Call Timing to change how long your desk phone should ring prior to ringing your mobile device and to adjust settings that prevent your SNR calls from being delivered to your alternate device’s voice mail.


  13. Click Save to save your changes and return to the device configuration.
  14. Click Save to add the device to your profile and start using Single Number Reach.

Please contact the OIT Help Desk at (574) 631-8111 or via email to for Single Number Reach feature support.