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Phone & Calling Features

  • Color-screen phone
  • Automatic date/time set
  • Much improved clarity in speakerphone use
  • Easy-access buttons to redial, forward all calls, do not disturb, divert, access voicemail, mute, use headset, and/or speakerphone
  • Search the ND phone directory on the phone
  • Personalized speed dials, ringtones & screen images
  • Review call logs on the phone – what number called when for calls that were answered, missed, placed, and/or left voicemail
  • Personal call transfer rules – decide where a call should reach based on the incoming call and time of day and who is calling
  • Single number reach – have your deskphone, your cell phone, and/or your home phone all ring when a call comes into your Notre Dame number
  • Integration with popular mobile phones (e.g., iPhone) to be able to make calls, view the campus directory, access voicemail, etc.
  • Softphone – you can make calls via your laptop in any city with any network connection as if you are at your desk at ND
  • Add-in to easily call others from within popular Web browsers and Office applications – “click to call” feature where you can double click on a phone number on the screen to automatically call it



Note: You must be on campus or connected to the ND VPN to access phone.nd.edu or voicemail.nd.edu. Please visit vpnaccess.nd.edu to connect to the VPN.


Voicemail Features

  • Access & configure voicemail via the web at the VoIP Phone Web Portal and VoIP Voicemail Web Portal
  • Have voicemail sent to your Gmail mailbox using Unified Messaging – receive voicemails as an attachment to an email.
  • Visual Voicemail so you can select the voicemail you want to listen to from a list (on the phone screen) instead of having to listen to all voicemail messages one after the other.

Conferencing Features

  • 8-call conference calls without having to contact telecomm to set up a phone bridge.
  • Additional information on the conferencing options at Notre Dame, please visit our Conferencing Options support page.

Chat Features

  • Instant messaging that works with text, audio and video and can automatically adjust your availability status based on whether you are on a call.
  • For additional information on chat features, please visit the Jabber or Google Hangouts support pages.

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