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Polycom Conferencing at Notre Dame

Videoconferencing at Notre Dame consists of two separate Polycom systems that connect you to the world: a portable system that can go anywhere on campus and has access to a 100mb Ethernet connection, and a fixed-room system that is housed within the Center for Research Computing facility in the ITC building.

Portable System

Our portable system consists of a Polycom FX single-camera codec and one 35” flat panel LCD monitor. Two Polycom conference microphones provide clear voice transmission to the far end site. Housed in ATA shock proof shipping cases, the system is delivered, set up and tested by our technicians, who stay with you during your conference to assure that the system will be operational, and to stand by in case there are any problems. The camera can be set up to view any part of the room using presets that can be called in via the remote control. The system is easy to use and can connect to any far end-compatible equipment using H.323 IP. The far-end system must have compatible equipment that meets the H.323 protocols. Contact the far-end IT professionals to determine if they can accomodate H.323.

Polycom 9004 Fixed Room System

This system is the latest product from Polycom that allows you to use the room's large format video projectors, multiple cameras, and table top microphones. The system can make either IP or ISDN conference calls to any compatible system worldwide. Our Polycom HDX 9004 codec is the latest in videoconferencing technology. Four cameras are able to scan the entire room, and are controlled by a Crestron touch panel. For every videoconference in the room, a producer is assigned who can operate all the cameras and microphones and auxiliary equipment from the private control room, thus allowing you to conduct your conference without the concern of operatiing the equipment!

The Crestron control system allows the integration of your laptop computer, VHS, DVD, document camera and other collaboration tools to enhance your presentation. The system also has access to cable TV programming. The room can comfortably seat up to 18 people.


The OIT provides videoconferencing IP capabilities at no cost to you if the use is for academic purposes or to conduct official University business, as long as the conferences fall within normal working hours.

We require a minimum of three days notice of your conference to enable us to communicate with the technicians on the far end and to conduct a brief test of system compatibility.  For more information on videoconferencing, or to request a tour and demonstration, please contact Jeffrey Miller, Communication Services, at (574) 631-6850.