Why am I only able to see a few of the cable channels and not all of them?

All television sets require you to run the auto-program feature during setup to recognize all channels available on cable TV. Instructions for running the auto-program feature of your TV are provided by the television manufacturer.

Whom do I call if the cable TV isn't working?

If you have no cable TV signal whatsoever, or problems with your basic package, you should call the OIT Help Desk at (574) 631-8111. If you have basic cable service but your premium services are not working, you must call XFINITY directly at 1-866-594-1234.

What TV channels will I get in my room?

XFINITY is providing the cable TV feed to all Notre Dame Residence halls via a digital feed. These channels are provided as part of your standard room charge. Visit the Standard TV Lineup support page for channel information.

Do the Graduate Apartments on campus have cable TV?

A project was completed in October 2008 to add cable television, with the Notre Dame channel lineup, to the graduate apartments. This includes Fischer Graduate, O'Hara-Grace Apartments, University Village and Cripe Street Apartments.

Does the University insert any special programming into the cable lineup?

Our agreement with XFINITY provides us with ten channels specifically for the University of Notre Dame.

Is there any programming that is unavailable on the ND digital cable lineup?

Channels 801-803 are unavailable to those subscribers who have chosen to upgrade to a XFINITY digital box, occasionally affecting a boxing or wrestling match on one of these Pay-Per-View (PPV) channels. Cinemax is also unavailable.

What is the 'Barker Channel'?

The 'Barker Channel' is on channel 2 of the ND cable system, it displays information related to ND weather forecasts, housing news, OIT services and a variety of on-campus events. In the event of OIT service outages, information is immediately displayed on the Barker Channel.

What other services are available on campus via XFINITY cable?

XFINITY premium services like High Definitition, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), OnDemand and other digital packages are available for an additional fee in residence halls and academic and administrative buildings. Students and on-campus residents interested in ordering XFINITY advanced services can do so by calling 1-866-594-1234 or by visiting the XFINITY payment center at 1920 E. McKinely Avenue, Mishawaka. 

What will I need to connect to XFINITY cable in my dorm room?

Each residence hall room has one cable TV outlet. It is located on the bottom right of the network outlet in your room. You will need a standard coaxial cable, with a "screw on" connector, to connect from this outlet to your television.  You can purchase a connecting cable from the Hammes Hub or any store that sells electronics.  We have a limited supply of free 6' cables available for pick-up at the following locations during normal business hours:

OIT Help Desk
128 DeBartolo Hall
Westlake Hall -
Enter front doors and turn left

Are there any additional charges for XFINITY cable in my dorm room?

There is no additional charge for XFINITY cable TV in your room; it is provided as part of your standard room charge. Premium services are available from XFINITY at an additional charge. These are billed to you directly from XFINITY; the University is not part of any arrangement you make with XFINITY.

Can I have a satellite dish for my dorm room?

You may not erect a satellite dish in any of the Notre Dame undergraduate residence halls. You can find the specific policy covering this restriction in duLac.

How do I hook up my TiVo, game system or other Personal Video Recorder (PVR)?

Instructions on hooking up a TiVo, or smiliar Personal Video Recorder (PVR), are provided by the manufacturer. Review the instructions for entertainment systems. XFINITY DVR's are also available and have many of the same functions as consumer PVR's.

Why won't my AppleTV connect to ND-secure? 

The AppleTV does not support WPA2-Enterprise, even though other iOS based devices do support it. WPA2-Enterprise is the authentication method used by the ND-secure and eduroam wireless networks. You can, however, register your AppleTV at zonereg.nd.edu and connect to the ND-guest network.


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