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Communication Services is responsible for the support and maintenance of all forms of University communication services. Services supported by Communications Services are ip telephony, video, conferencing, digital signage and other emerging communication oriented technologies.

Phone Services

Most Notre Dame telephones use Cisco VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  VoIP provides traditional telephone service, as well as many additional features, by using the computer data network instead of a traditional phone line.  This saves the university money, and helps to provide many advanced calling and collaboration features that the former analog phone system lacked. More information on the University's VoIP transition is avaiable at the VoIP at Notre Dame support page.

VoIP at Notre Dame
Cellular Service
Centrex Phone System
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Video Services

The University, through an agreement with XFINITY Cable, provides Cable TV to all Notre Dame residence hall rooms and on-campus graduate student apartments. The University's Office of Information Technologies will continue to supply both wired and wireless high-speed Internet and campus network services to the residence halls.


Additional Services

  • Telephone Service Repair/Move/Add/Change/Training
  • Telephone Authorization Code Assignment
  • Teleconferencing Service
  • Calling Cards
  • Cellular Phones
  • Pager Service

Online Ordering System (AIM)

Telephone Rates  

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