Wired Network

To connect to the Notre Dame network for the first time, be sure to have the following items:

  • Your NetID and password. If you do not have these, please visit: https://password.nd.edu
  • An Ethernet card: Most new computers come with an Ethernet card. The port for an Ethernet card is usually located on the back or side of the computer and looks just slightly wider than a modem port. A regular phone cord could be inserted, but would “wiggle.” An Ethernet cable (described below) will fit perfectly without any “wiggle.”
  • An Ethernet cable: An Ethernet cable looks a lot like a thick phone cable and is often, but not always, blue in color. The connectors at each end look like they would fit in a phone jack, but are too large, and will only fit in an Ethernet jack.
  • An available Ethernet port: With few exceptions, all rooms in residence halls and most campus offices are equipped with Ethernet ports or “jacks” on the wall. In most cases, the jacks are arranged similarly to the diagram below.


  1. With your computer turned off, connect the Ethernet cable to both your computer and to the Ethernet port. Then turn your computer on and let it start up completely.
  2. Launch a Web browser.
    Note: When you launch Internet Explorer on a Windows computer, you may be presented with the Internet Connection Wizard. Follow the steps to set it up for a manual connection using a Local Area Network (LAN).
  3. Your browser should automatically re-direct to the OIT’s Network Connection Registration Page.
  4. You can authenticate to use the wired network one of two ways:
    A) Recommended: Download & install the Cisco Clean Access (CCA) Agent from the authentication page, and log in with your NetID & password. You only need to login when the CCA agent prompts you.
    B) Log in with your NetID and password. You will need to repeat this periodically.
  5. If you receive an error that it "Failed to refresh IP address! Please refresh IP address manually" restart your computer and you'll then be ready to use the network!

Note: For computers without ActiveX or Java installed for your brower, install the Cisco Clean Access Client for your OS. Once you have installed it, log in with your NetID and Password.


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