ND VPN for Linux

To install the client on a Linux system, you must have root access.

  1. Download the Cisco VPN Client for Linux. Please also download a copy of the Linux VPN Client User Guide for your reference. Your use of the client is subject to the terms of the license contained within this guide. If a kernel module is unavailable for your Linux kernel, the installation script will attempt to build one suitable for your kernel version, so you will need to install the kernel source RPM package before continuing with the VPN Client installation.
  2. Use gunzip and tar to uncompress and expand the archive.
  3. Run the vpn_install script to install the VPN Client. If the precompiled Cisco VPN kernel module does not install in the running kernel perfectly, the kernel may panic and may result in a reboot. Please remember to disable the VPN Client startup script at reboot by pressing "I" and answering "N" when prompted to start that service. Otherwise the script will start, and the kerne may panic again during startup.
  4. When the installation completes, execute '/etc/init.d/vpnclient_init start' to initialize the client for the first time.
  5. Connect to the Notre Dame VPN by issuing the command 'vpnclient connect ndvpn'.
  6. Authenticate using your NetID and password.