ND VPN for iOS Devices

Configuring the ND VPN with Anyconnect for iOS Devices

  1. Download and install Cisco AnyConnect from the Apple App Store. 


  2. Once it has been installed, open the Cisco AnyConnect app and select OK when prompted. 


  3. Next, select Add VPN Connection… 


  4. You can make the description for the VPN anything you like, but the server must be vpnaccess.nd.edu 


  5. Once you have saved the new connection, it will appear in your list of connections. If you have multiple VPNs configured, you can select which you want to connect to, then flip the AnyConnect VPN switch above the list to connect. 


  6. You will be prompted for your NetID and password. Enter them and select Connect.



Note: If you connect to a special VPN group, you can access this group by entering your Username as NetID.group (e.g. hman.specialgroup).

  1. If your NetID and password are entered correctly, you will see the following message:



Note: Unlike the VPN capabilities built in to iOS, the Cisco AnyConnect app keeps you connected to the VPN while your device is locked. You must open the app and turn the AnyConnect VPN connection OFF before it will disconnect.

Manual Configuration for iOS Devices

  1. Download the Notre Dame iPhone VPN profile. You will see the following screen appear. Tap install.

    iOS vpn install profile

  2. Type in your passcode

    iOS enter pass code screen

  3. Tap Install Now. 

    install profile confirmation screen

  4. Enter your NetID and tap Next.

    enter username for vpn

  5. Enter your Password and tap Next.

    enter password for vpn

  6. You should see the Profile installed screen. Tap Done.

    vpn profile installed complete

  7. From the Home screen tap Settings > tap the switch to turn on the VPN.