Why Might I Need to Use a VPN?

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) gateway is a network access service which permits remote systems to access the ND network as if they were physically located on the ND campus network. In technical terms, it allows remote systems to obtain a campus IP address, for purposes of access to certain restricted on-campus systems.

Recommended VPN Instructions for all ND faculty, staff, & students


Note: Chrome OS does not support the VPN implementation used by Notre Dame at this time, which will limit the ability to access ND services from remote locations while using a Chromebook or other Chrome OS device. See Google's support page for additional information on supported VPN implementations.

Once you've installed the VPN software, you can reconnect to vpnaccess.nd.edu whenever needed by choosing the Cisco AnyConnect software, entering vpnaccess.nd.edu in the connect to field, and entering your NetID and password as shown below:



LEGACY VPN instructions

If needed, you can install and use the legacy Cisco VPN.  This VPN is only for faculty, staff, & students.