When users connect a new device to the network users will be directed to a new authentication portal. (shown below). Users are expected to read and accept the acceptable use policy, then provide their NetID and password to authenticate their device. This process is required for non-zoned networks and the Nomad wireless network ONLY.




It may take as long as 60 seconds for IP address to update after registering. If you are still experiencing errors after 60 seconds, please reboot your computer. Safari web browser users may experience a certificate error using the authentication portal shown above. Users can choose to accept the certificate warning or complete the authentication process in a different browser.

Register Devices

An important change with the new DNS and DHCP infrastructure, in conjunction with the on-going Zoned Network project, is that device registration will change from being a mandatory process to an optional one. This means that you will be require to authenticate to connect a device to the network, but not register it a hostname (e.g,. device.cc.nd.edu). Users who desire to obtain a specific hostname for a device can do so by visiting our Web Registration tool. The optional registration process only applies to new devices connected to the Notre Dame network.

Static Hosts Names

Need a static host name for your device? Use the Web Registration tool to register your static host name.

Static IP Addresses

The need for a static IP address is rare and most often confused with the need for a static DHCP name or roaming host. A roaming host name ensures that no matter what IP address your device has recieved from DHCP, its hostname will always resolve to the correct IP address. If you feel you still need a static IP address, you may submit a formal request to the OIT Help Desk at (574) 631-8111 or send email to oithelp@nd.edu.


Technical Staff

DNS Administrative Tool (DNS Admins ONLY)
DNS Administrative Guide (PDF)