Special NetID Request Forms

Immediate Computer Access Suspension Request
Change the Ownership of a Departmental/Organization Account
New NetID Department/Organization Account Request
Affiliate Access Request

Immediate Computer Access Suspension Request

NetIDs provide the owner with access to a variety of university resources.  When an individual leaves the university, they generally retain access for a period of time as described in the NetID policy.  Authorized staff can request that computer access be immediately revoked by completing the Suspend Access form.

Change the Ownership of a Departmental/Organization Account Form

This form will change the ownership of a departmental/organization account. All owners MUST be active faculty/staff. 

New NetID Departmental/Organization Account Request Form

Information and a form to request a NetID account for your department or organization can be found here. All requests require the name of an owner and administrator who accept responsibility for the account. Owners and administrators must be current faculty or staff of the university.

Affiliate Access Request Form

If your account is one that would be automatically created by Human Resources, the Registrar, Admissions, or through the Provost's Office (these include regular student, faculty, and staff accounts), you do not need to fill out this form. If the individual is a consultant, affiliate staff, etc. a NetID must be requested by a Sponsor who acknowledges the responsibility for oversight of the individuals use of Notre Dame resources in accordance with the expectations outlined in the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.  The Sponsor should complete the Affiliate Access Request Form.