Preparing to Graduate

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Remember, your ND NetID and email account will only remain active for 60 days after you graduate!

As you are preparing to graduate from Notre Dame, you'll want to follow these simple steps to make sure you have what you need from your Notre Dame account prior to leaving campus.

  1. Use Your Notre Dame Alumni Google Account. The Alumni Association automatically creates a Notre Dame Alumni Google Account for you. You will receive information from the Alumni Association on how to access this account. You may also log into myNotreDame and retrieve your Alumni Email login information by visiting the Alumni Email page.
  2. Forward Your ND Gmail & Let Others Know Your New Notre Dame Alumni Address. You'll want to forward your Notre Dame Gmail to your new Notre Dame Alumni Gmail account. You'll also want to set up an auto-reply on your Notre Dame account to let people know that your address has changed. However... after that 60 day grace period expires, your forwarding and auto-reply will no longer work!!! Please plan accordingly!
    • Instructions for forwarding your ND Gmail to another address are available here
    • Instructions for setting up an auto-reply on your ND Gmail are available here
  3. Transfer Your Notre Dame Gmail to Your Alumni Google Account: Follow these instructions to transfer your existing email messages in ND Gmail to your Alumni Google Account.


    Note: Your ND Google account will be deleted upon leaving Notre Dame. You can download and archive many features of your ND Google account using Google Takeout. Not all items can be saved; please see the Google Takeout page for what you can save and transfer.
  4. Transfer Your Notre Dame Google Drive to Your Alumni Google Account:
    • Download Your Notre Dame Google Documents & Spreadsheets
    • Upload Your Notre Dame Google Documents & Spreadsheets to Your Alumni Google Account
  5. Transfer Your Notre Dame Google Calendar to Your Alumni Google Account
  6. Keeping Notre Dame Google Sites After Graduation. If you set up a Google Site on your Notre Dame Google Apps account, you will need to manually copy and paste the information to a new site on a personal Google account or to another format that works for you.
  7. Download & Archive Your Web Pages, NetFile, and AFS Files. Next, you'll want to be sure to download any files in your AFS space or NetFile space that you may want to have in the future. The most convenient way to access your NetFile and AFS space is using WebFile. All OIT owned computer labs have CD burning hardware and software for your use, or you can purchase a USB flash drive from the Hammes Hub.
  8. Transfer Your Notre Dame Box files. If you utilized a Box account, to continue your access to files you own or to transfer ownership to a current faculty/staff/student, please visit this page. Be sure to transfer ownership of content that should remain as content for the university’s use. 
  9. Keep Your Computer Secure! Remember to keep your operating system and anti-virus software updated after you leave!
  10. Remove Notre Dame licensed software from your computer. While you're a student at Notre Dame, a variety of licensed software is made available to you for academic use. Now that you are leaving Notre Dame, you need to remove such software from your own computer. Since these programs are licensed only for use by members of the Notre Dame community, you will no longer be eligible to have these programs installed on your computer after you graduate. You DO NOT need to uninstall any software which was pre-installed on your computer or which you purchased through the Hammes Hub.
    • Some of these Notre Dame licensed programs include:
    • Mathematica
    • MATLAB
    • S-Plus
    • SAS
    • SPSS
    • SYSTAT
  11. Graduation Videos are prepared by the Academic Media Resources group in OIT. Details and ordering information are available here.
  12. Need a New Computer to Take With You? Take advantage of your student discount one last time to purchase a new computer through the Hammes Hub.
  13. Sign Up for a myNotreDame Account through the Alumni Association to Stay in Touch with Notre Dame.

If you have additional questions, please contact the OIT Help Desk by phone at (574) 631-8111 or send email to