Your ndID Number

When Notre Dame enrolls you as a student or hires you as a faculty or staff member, the University assigns you a unique number called your ndID, and issues an ID card with your photo and your ndID number. Your ndID provides access to a variety of resources, including a NetID that allows you to use services such as email, campus networks, shared file systems, and the insideND portal.

How do I get my ndID? 

Faculty, administrators, staff, retirees, and spouses obtain their Notre Dame identification cards through The Office of Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall. Students obtain their cards at 423 Grace Hall at the Campus Card Office. Your ndID appears on your University ID card.

You will need to provide your ndID number and your date of birth to get a Notre Dame computer account (known as a NetID).

Where is the ndID on my ID card?

idcard back ndid

On older ID cards, the ndID is the eight-digit number starting with “00” converted to the ndID by adding a “9” as the first digit. Using the example at the left, the number printed on the ID card is “00123456,” so the ndID is 900123456

idcard front ndid

On newer ID cards, the ndID is the 9-digit number that begins with 9, located on the front of your card just below your name. On the example ID card to the right, the ndID is: 999999993