Departmental Account Requests

New Department NetID
Change of Ownership for Department NetID

New Department NetID

Departments and organizations affiliated with the University can request the creation of a NetID to use for email, a web site, and/or online storage of departmental materials by logging in and completing this form.  Note: Existing departmental accounts are suitable for a variety of uses, and do not require the creation of additional accounts.  Guests and contractors needing access to IT services can usually be best accomodated by a sponsor requesting Affiliate Access.

Note:  The website granted by the creation of a NetID is the standard site as mentioned on our Web Publishing page. If you need a vanity URL such as you may wish to contact Marketing Communications directly.

For security reasons, all account requests are subject to the OIT's review to ensure that they are unique, and that the business needs are not already met by another account or service.

  • Requests require the name of an owner and administrator who accept responsibility for the account.
  • Owners and administrators must be current faculty or staff of the university.
  • Department/organization accounts are subject to annual account removal. To prevent the account from being purged, an owner or administrator must monitor the email address for the account.

Departmental/Organizational Accounts for Student Groups

  • Direct inquiries related to student group accounts to the Student Activities Office (SAO) at (574) 631-7308.
  • The SAO will verify that the requesting group is registered as a student group.
  • Registered groups will complete and submit an account creation form to the SAO, which will authorize it and send it to the OIT for processing.
  • The OIT will create the account and send the account information (NetID and password) back to the SAO.
  • The SAO will distribute the information to the requesting student group.
  • This process will normally take 4-5 days.

Change of Ownership for Department NetID

A department or organization NetID is assigned to the two individuals who requested it. Those are the only individuals who can request a password be reset or other administrative actions be performed on the account. When staff or responsibilities change, the account owners or the dean or department head should complete the ownership change form.