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Who is eligible for a NetID?
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Who is eligible for a NetID?

The University of Notre Dame grants access to University-owned information technology resources by issuing NetIDs to members of the Notre Dame community, persons affiliated with the University, and external consultants under contract. An individual will normally be assigned one personal NetID, and it will never be reassigned or transferred to another individual. A University department, organization or student group may request a NetID to use for e-mail not specific to an individual employee, or to establish a web site or NetFile shared file space for department/organization use.

Individuals eligible for NetIDs include:

  • Regular and non-regular faculty;
  • Postdoctoral scholars (“post-docs”);
  • Full-time, part-time and temporary on-call staff;
  • Currently enrolled students, and prospective students who are admitted and confirmed;
  • Retired faculty and staff as provided in the Notre Dame Faculty & Administrator Plan, the Staff Employee Pension Plan and the Academic Articles;
  • Members of the Congregation of Holy Cross who are directly engaged with the University;
  • Sponsored consultants with approval of the Chief Information Officer; and
  • Employees or members of specific institutions or programs affiliated or collaborating with the University, with approval of the Chief Information Officer.

Unless they also belong to one of the foregoing groups, alumni of the University are not eligible for NetIDs. 

Passwords & Accounts

Keep your password secret from family, friends, and even the OIT Help Desk. Remember, anyone with your NetID and password can read your email, view and change personal information and settings, and access any sensitive data on your computer. Keep personal and University information safe by not sharing your password with anyone. See the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources policy for details. 

Obtaining Your NetID

Your NetID is automatically created when you join the university, and the hiring or admitting department completes the appropriate online records.  You can then obtain your NetID and set your preferred password.  You will need your ndID number, which is printed on your University ID card, to obtain and activate your NetID. Visit the activation page and follow the instructions there. You will create your own password during this process.  

Changing Your Password

If you know your current password, but wish to change it for any reason, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Open a browser window (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
  2. Go to
  3. Type your NetID in the NetID field.
  4. Type in your password in the Password field.
  5. Type a new password in the New Password field.
  6. Type the new password again in the Confirm Password field.
  7. Click on the Change Password button.

Forgotten Password Service

When an account is first activated, you are provided the opportunity to subscribe to the Forgotten Password Service by answering a series of questions that are unique to you. You can subscribe to the service or update your answers by visiting the enrollment page.

If you forget your password and have previously subscribed to this service, visit the I Forgot My Password web page, and reset your password by successfully answering the security questions you previously stored.

Additional NetID Information

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