Two Step Login FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is two-step login being implemented for all staff, faculty, students, and other Notre Dame affiliates?

Protecting you and the entire Notre Dame community from cyber-attacks continues to be a top priority for the University. Two step login is being enabled for all University accounts to safeguard your data and secure the University's assets.

Over the past several years, we have seen major organizations, including many of our peer universities, compromised in sophisticated attacks. The majority of these compromises can be attributed to a rising class of bad actors identified as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). These APTs use many different attacks to compromise their targets, but the most common means is through the use of stolen logins and passwords.

Two step login reduces the risk of compromise by making it significantly more difficult for APTs to use stolen Notre Dame logins to access our resources. By enabling two step login for all Notre Dame login accounts, we deny APTs a foothold on our networks, making it much more difficult for them to launch their attacks against us. With two step login, your data and University resources are much safer from cyber-attacks.

What type of devices can I enroll?

When you enroll, you will need to choose one or more devices to verify your identity before accessing most Notre Dame services (Gmail, Google Apps, Sakai, Box, etc.). Those devices can include

  • Your mobile device (any cell phone) or tablet
  • Your office phone
  • Your home phone
  • The phone of a colleague, administrative assistant or family member

A key fob (can be used only after one of the above devices has been enrolled). Key fobs are available for departmental purchase by submitting the form at:

Alternatively, individuals can purchase a key fob by visiting the ND Computer Service Center at 102 Information Technology Center for $20 (cash, check, credit card or domer dollars).

Two step login will be activated for your account after you have successfully completed the online enrollment form. So the next time you access a two step enabled service, you will be prompted to verify your identity with one of your chosen devices.

How do I enroll my device?

How do I login with an enrolled smartphone and Duo?

Will every application require two step login?

Most ND services that require login, will require two step login. At this time, the following applications require two step login:

Will I have to use two step login? Can I opt out of two step?

100% participation is expected. To better secure both University and personal data, we are not allowing individuals to opt out of the requirement for two step login.

How often will I be required to use the two step login? Do I have to use two step every time I login?

Different people may have different frequency requirements for using two step login because not all applications behave the same way. For most applications, you will only be prompted for the second login step every 30 days* or when you login from a new browser, computer or device. For example:

2step 30day
*When you login to an application with the second step, remember to check the box labeled Trust this device for 30 days to enable this feature. You should only do this from your normal device and browser, not a public computer.

Two step login screen

What happens if I lost, forgot or broke my primary two step device?

When logging in, you can change your default to another device that you've previously registered (i.e., desk phone, colleague phone, home phone, tablet, key fob, etc.). If you do not have a second device registered, you can call the OIT Help Desk for assistance.

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

When logging in, you can change your default to another device that you've previously registered (i.e., desk phone, colleague phone, home phone, tablet, key fob, etc.). If you do not have a second device registered, you can call the OIT Help Desk for assistance.

You can also use a landline, desk phone or tablet to complete the two step login process.

What if I don't want the Duo app on my smartphone?

You can use your smartphone as your second step without using the Duo app. Enroll your smartphone as a landline. By choosing this option, you will receive a phone call as the verification for your second step.

What if I get a new mobile device after I've already enrolled in two step login?

You need to activate your new device. If you have a mobile phone with the same phone number or a tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Verify the Duo Mobile app is on your new device.
  2. On a computer, go to and click on the Re-Activate button next to the device being replaced.

If prompted for two step login, select the option to call your phone (rather than push), or choose an alternative device you've previously registered. If you have no other option, visit or call the OIT Help Desk (574-631-8111) during normal business hours for additional assistance.

If you get a new phone with a different phone number, follow these steps:

  1. On a computer, go to and enroll your new phone.
  2. If you are no longer using your old phone, you can remove it from your enrolled device list.

How do I complete the two step login process without Internet, network or cellular service?

The Duo voice call or push notification may not work when you are in an area without Internet, network or cellular service. If you do not receive the phone call or push notification, you can use a passcode from the Duo app or a previously enrolled keyfob to complete the two step process. Even with your smartphone or tablet in Airplane Mode, you can start the Duo mobile app and tap the key icon to generate a passcode.

What is the best way to use Two Step Login when traveling internationally?

You have several options for Two Step Login that will work internationally.

  • Smartphone with the Duo app installed: If you have a smartphone that can download the Duo app, you can still use the app internationally.
  • When you have a wifi or cellular signal, you can still "push" a notification to the app (more details for iPhone or Android).
  • When you don't have a wifi or cellular signal, you can use the app to generate a passcode (more details here).
  • Tablet with the Duo app installed: If you have a tablet that can download the Duo app and have wifi access, it can function the same way as a smartphone would.
  • Key fob: If you don't have access to a smartphone or tablet, your final option is to purchase a key fob. Faculty and staff may be able to receive funding for the key fob through their department. Students and employees who cannot receive funding, may still use personal funds to purchase a key fob (more details here).

Will I need to use Two Step in computer labs?

You won't need to use Two Step to login to the computer itself or to use the already installed desktop applications (Word, Excel, etc.).  However, if you will be accessing other ND services that require you to login (Gmail, Box, Sakai, etc.) you will be prompted for Two Step authentication and will need to have an enrolled device with you to complete the login process.

Why does the AppStore want my credit card information if the Duo Mobile app is free?

If you’ve not previously used the App Store on your iOS device, Apple may require you to provide a payment method before installing or updating any apps, even those that are free. You will not be charged for the Duo Mobile app. If you don’t wish to provide a credit card, try the instructions in this Apple Support article.


For additional details and answers about two step login, go to and click Knowledge.