Two Step Login

Protecting you and our entire community from cyber-attacks continues to be a top priority for the University. The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) has introduced a solution to help protect your Notre Dame account and valuable data. That solution is two step login. See video for additional information.

Two Step Login Go-Live Dates for Faculty and Students

  • Students: February 7 or February 14, 2017*

  • Faculty: February 21, 2017

Those who are not enrolled before the opt-in enrollment period ends will not be able to access most Notre Dame services (Gmail, Google Apps, Sakai, Box, etc.), until they complete the two step login enrollment process.

*Students will receive information on which date two step login will be activated for them.


Enroll in Two Step Login

To enroll in two step login, go to and follow the step-by-step enrollment instructions. When you enroll, you will need to choose one or more devices to verify your identity before accessing most Notre Dame services (Gmail, Google Apps, Sakai, Box, etc.).

Once enrolled, you will be prompted to verify your identity with one of your chosen devices the next time you access a two step enabled service. Quick reference guides are also available.

Two Step Login Enrollment Stations

Faculty & Students: Bring your mobile device/devices to the following enrollment station and IT support staff will be available to help you enroll on site.

  • Thursday, February 16, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m., Montgomery Auditorium, LaFortune Student Center

In addition, you can visit the OIT Help Desk (128 DeBartolo Hall) or the IT Outpost (Hesburgh Library Reference Desk) during their regular hours for assistance.

If you are using two step login, remember to bring your smartphone or mobile phone to your classroom so that you can login to any services you might need!  Other information that you may find helpful includes:

For additional details and answers about two step login, go to and click Knowledge.

Two Step Login Video