Spam Filtering at Notre Dame

What is spam filtering?

Spam filtering is automatic processing of email messages that prevents delivery of unsolicited messages that you may consider unwanted "junk."

Please note:  Student email that is delivered to is NOT filtered by the University's spam filtering service, but instead is handled by the Google Gmail software.

How does spam filtering work at Notre Dame?

Messages tagged as suspected spam will be delivered to your Junk Email folder in Exchange, depending on your personal settings as described below. Messages in your Junk Email folder 30 days or older will automatically be deleted.

What You Need to Do

  • Allow lists and block lists: The most reliable way to ensure that allow and block lists are consistently correct is to create them using Outlook Web Access (OWA). Click Junk E-Mail in the left panel, then click Options at the top right of your screen. You can enter addresses for Safe Senders (never treated as junk email) or Blocked Senders (always treated as junk email).
  • Exchange MAPI users:  Most people who use Outlook for their email program are configured to use this type of connection.  If your Outlook program is configured with an Exchange MAPI connection, you can review the contents of your Junk E-Mail folder and control the junk mail settings from within Outlook itself. From the Tools menu, select Junk Email Protection. In that window, you can set the level of protection you want, and can specify safe domains (the part of the address following the @), and can block specific senders by email address or domain.
  • POP and IMAP email users: If you use an email client and the POP or IMAP protocol such as Thunderbird, you must use OWA to control the settings for your junk email filter. If you use the POP protocol you must use OWA to view the contents of your Junk E-mail folder. 
  • Safe Senders List: To ensure that legitimate email from ND addresses is not tagged as spam, we recommend you add the following domains to the Safe Senders List in OWA under Options > Junk E-Mail as shown above:

Screen shot of OWA junk settings

Tips and FAQs

Q) Some legitimate email (even from addresses) is being filtered to the junk email folder. How do I stop this from happening?
A) Many email clients have their own auto-filter option that is designed by the software vendor, and is often too sensitive. You can turn OFF the email auto-filter for your email client following the instructions located on our Auto-Filtering & Notre Dame Email support page . Email that has been tagged as spam by the ND spam filtering service will still be delivered to the Junk Email folder, and will automatically be purged when it reaches 30 days of age.

Additional Information for Technical Users

Spam Blocking
Instructions for Email Administrators