Configure Mobile Devices for Exchange

You can access Exchange email and calendaring a number of ways. Click on the link below to configure your device to access Exchange. 
The OIT strongly recommends that you configure your device to require a passcode to access the phone if you use your device to access any University information.

Students: To configure your mobile device for your ND Gmail email, please visit the Configuring ND Gmail on Mobile Devices support page.

Note: The initial version of iOS 6 introduced several bugs that affect users with an Exchange account on their device. These bugs cause several issues, including duplicated meeting requests. Improvements in the iOS 6.0.1 update are designed to eliminate these issues. To ensure that you have the latest version of iOS 6, please see the installing iOS updates page.


iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Android Devices
Windows Devices
BlackBerry Devices


Mobile Device Support

The OIT Help Desk will provide assistance in configuring current model smartphones to connect to the Notre Dame network and Exchange service using the applications/tools that came with your device. For support of other applications on your device, please contact your service provider.

Additional information about cellular service on campus and available discounts from some providers is available on the Cellular Service support page.

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